Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Wednesday already! I swear when you have projects to finish and goals to reach time just flies! :) 

I feel well on my way to increasing my calories and carbs in an effort to put on some more muscle. I'm still just eyeballing things and still feeling great, so I'm just going to keep this up until I feel like I need to do a little calorie check to see where I'm at... and maybe step on the scale? Haven't done that in a while. 

Started the day with my tried and true! Yams, egg whites, and Applegate chicken sausage. Doesn't get old! 

After we hit bi's and tri's I refueled with a simple banana, protein, oat, and almond milk shake. 

Morning snack was an old favorite! I had the urge to do some baking on Tuesday night so I made my Apple Cinnamon Protein muffins which I used to be obsessed with, and now I remember why! I had one of those with some greek yogurt mixed with a little protein powder, cinnamon, and stevia. 

I ended up saving the rest of my pizza for lunch yesterday and added some turkey pepperoni. It was perfect. 

I meant to make an extravagant taco salad for my Meal 5 but I was feeling a little lazy so I settled with turkey, lettuce, and jalapenos. 

And we ended the night with a Ribeye and some veggies... I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our one month anniversary! 


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