Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, Thursday! So close to Friday! 

I'm actually pretty excited for this day... making a big change this evening!  I'll put a post up on Instagram later so make sure you keep an eye on my profile. 

I have a few random thoughts to share today- first, our dinner last night. It was the quickest most simple but satisfying meal and another one of those that I can throw in your face when you say you "don't have time to eat healthy"! I bought the pre-cut and skewered veggies at the grocery store (they were on manager special for a whopping $2.99) and then marinated chicken in Tamari, garlic, salt and pepper. When I got home from work all I had to do was cube up the chicken and stick it on skewers then throw them on the grill. The chicken had the best flavor and the whole thing took about 20 minutes. I also like the brown rice/ quinoa mixture that you can get in the 90 second bags and we had that on the side. Ta da!  

Random thought #2 I have talked about before and I'm working so hard to fix it, but I really noticed it again in this picture from our chest/shoulders workout. Do you see it? 

My left shoulder is such a slackerrrr. Gah!! 

And lastly, my glorious pumpkin protein pancakes. I really think they speak for themselves but they were the ultimate post workout meal that left me stuffed for hours and hours. I made them silver dollar pancake size so that I could tower them up like a 5 year old. Much more fun to eat when you are trying to keep them from tipping over! ;) 

Any guesses on what my big change will be!?


  1. I say it has to do with your hair. It can't be about your hubby and you have a dog already. You write "my big change", so that is how come up with this thought.

  2. My left side is like that, too! Which is why i do not like show people the double bicep pose!

  3. Is your big change perhaps a BABY Little B?!?

  4. I was thinking hair too!! I can't wait to see what it is!! :o)

  5. I love your long black dark hair, so I really hope it's not that....and you just got married and would think you want to enjoy some years before changing diapers, so think it's not that.....maybe changing your diet/workout routine?

  6. why is everyone talking about hair...Isnt the difference the left shoulder isn't as you have to up the weight on the left side. I had to do that when a chiropractor told me my right side was weaker than left side??? what am I missing???

  7. I cant access instagram!!! What is the big change??


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