Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sleep Probs and A Sweet Sale!

All I have to say is thank you pilgrims for making this a short week because boy do I need it! Since Sunday my body has not wanted to fall asleep at a decent hour which makes waking up at 4:45 for a workout is tough. Really tough. I've been forcing myself to go anyway since this is a holiday week and I know there will probably be a little indulging going on. That, and we are headed to Disney on Saturday so we probably won't get workouts in over the weekend. Needless to say, I've been moving a tad bit slower in the gym the past few mornings, but still giving it my all (whatever that is for the day!). 

I did have a little extra motivation this morning since I had some new DA Active clothes to try out-- nothing like new gym clothes to get your booty out of bed. They sent over these super cute and comfy crops and also this sports bra which is awesome because it has the option to criss cross in the back or you can leave the straps just straight down. 

If you haven't ordered from them before, well you should. In my opinion, the quality of the clothes is comparable to Lululemon- they don't fade when you wash and they're that thick durable material that you know is just going to last forever. Take a peek around their site and then pop back over on black Friday so you can use the promo code HOLIDAY and receive 30% off your order! Happy shopping! :) 


  1. Okay can I just say, HOLY MOLY - you're 4am work outs are PAYING OFF because you are JACKED and it's HOT! :P

  2. What time do you usually try to get to bed by? I just think it's amazing that you can get up that early! How did you first start transitioning to early rising and was it hard to convince your husband/fiance to do the same?


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