Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday, Fish & Fall Edition

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Sizzlefish. 

Happy almost Thanksgiving! It's actually starting to feel a little more like fall/winter here in AZ, finally time for sweater weather and you better believe I've already broken out the Ugg boots! My eats are becoming a little more fall-ish too, hot oats for breakfast (I never eat hot oats when it's hot out, is that weird?), Vans waffles post workout, my usual scramble for lunch, and homemade chicken and veggie soup for a snack. 

Then, I finally got to break in to my Sizzlefish! I have to admit I've been doing a horrible job lately at eating fish (as you may have noticed) and I seriously need to fix that because fish high in Omega 3's has actually been shown to enhance athletic performance and health. 

I don't know about you, but half the reason I haven't been eating a whole lot of fish lately is because I've read so many horrible articles about how fish are raised, contaminated etc. etc. it literally scares me to buy it! This is where Sizzlefish saves the day- it is a home delivery supplier of pre-portioned, high quality seafood and their whole concept is actually based around athletes. They flash freeze the fish at its peak of quality, so it tastes great and delivers all the nutrients athletes need. What's even more important (to me at least) is that it's untreated, Premium Quality fish, AND they are all pre-portioned so they can easily fit right into your nutrition plans and help you meet those fitness goals. 

I broke out 2 of the 4 kinds of fish that were delivered and basically decided to make 2 separate dinners (because that's normal...). I used the Atlantic Cod to make some simple fish tacos, and then the Rainbow Trout to pair with spinach and brown rice/quinoa. 

I just broiled both on low for about 7 minutes and they came out perfect. I love the fact that they're pre-portioned because it saves you from getting fishy fingers which is never a good thing! 

You can check out Sizzlefish on their website or any of their social channels below! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sleep Probs and A Sweet Sale!

All I have to say is thank you pilgrims for making this a short week because boy do I need it! Since Sunday my body has not wanted to fall asleep at a decent hour which makes waking up at 4:45 for a workout is tough. Really tough. I've been forcing myself to go anyway since this is a holiday week and I know there will probably be a little indulging going on. That, and we are headed to Disney on Saturday so we probably won't get workouts in over the weekend. Needless to say, I've been moving a tad bit slower in the gym the past few mornings, but still giving it my all (whatever that is for the day!). 

I did have a little extra motivation this morning since I had some new DA Active clothes to try out-- nothing like new gym clothes to get your booty out of bed. They sent over these super cute and comfy crops and also this sports bra which is awesome because it has the option to criss cross in the back or you can leave the straps just straight down. 

If you haven't ordered from them before, well you should. In my opinion, the quality of the clothes is comparable to Lululemon- they don't fade when you wash and they're that thick durable material that you know is just going to last forever. Take a peek around their site and then pop back over on black Friday so you can use the promo code HOLIDAY and receive 30% off your order! Happy shopping! :) 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Quest Bar Giveaway!

Super exciting giveaway on this Monday morning! With all the holiday traveling coming up, it's important to always be prepared. B and I are headed to Disneyland this weekend with my family and as much as I'd like to pack healthy foods to bring with me, I realistically know that's probably not going to happen. Disney offers lots of healthy options and when I get hungry between meals you better believe I'm going to have some Quest bars on hand! These bars are great for long road trips, flights, or just for a yummy treat in place of the real deal. 

Enter the giveaway using the form below and check out my Instagram for an additional way to enter! The giveaway will end next Monday when 3 lucky readers will win a sample box of all 15 flavors- good luck! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday- A Switch Up!

I loved hearing all your favorite cheat meals yesterday! I'm not usually a big splurger when it comes to eating 'off' foods, but I know for some people it helps keep you on track in the long run, so whatever works for you! I'm definitely back on track after the Taco Bell incident, here's what my day is currently looking like... 

Can you believe it!? No egg whites, yams, and sausage! Trust me, if I could have I would have but I ended up having to send B to the store on Monday afternoon since we didn't make it over the weekend and I forgot to put yams on his list. So, I went with an old favorite- carton egg whites and oats with blueberries and almondmilk. I also threw in about a half scoop of MRM Rich Vanilla Protein Powder for some more flavor. 

It was just what I needed to power me through my back day, and to be honest I might take a break from my usual breakfast because I felt like I had a lot more energy with the oats in me versus the yams. Anyway, I had a pumpkin protein shake after the gym with 1/2 a banana, PP, pumpkin, cinnamon, and Stevia. 

I was starrrrving about an hour after my workout so I grabbed my morning snack a little earlier than I typically do... I just couldn't wait! Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon, stevia, and PP and then a piece of Ezekiel toast with sugar free jelly.

Still on my buffalo chicken kick, so I had that with spinach and these awesome sweet potato tortilla chips on the side. The brand of the chips is "Way Better" and they're made with Sunflower Oil, Stone Ground Corn, Sweet Potato, Organic Quinoa, Chia Seeds and Salt. Pretty amazing huh? They also have a ton of different flavors and I've loved every one that I've tried! 

Then I just had to eat the last of my black bean brownies and added some peanut butter on top, for good measure :) 

A random snack of chicken, hummus, and a side salad.

And finally some chili with almond cheese for dinner. I actually browned the meat and put all the ingredients in the crock pot while I was home for lunch and just left it on low all afternoon. The flavor was so much better than when I just make it on the stove top! 

Have you ever noticed making one small change in your nutrition making a big difference in the gym?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shoulder Progress and Workout!

Hi Friends! 

Sorry I've been a little quiet around here lately, I have lots of fun stuff in the works right now so extra time is limited! That, and I'm still recovering from my champagne and Taco Bell filled birthday weekend.... 

Oh ya, it happened. I think I've mentioned it before but Taco Bell is my absolute favorite fast food place. Our late night Taco Bell stops are few and far between, but when it happens I make it count :) I think the final amount of food that I put down was: nachos (these were gone before we even got home), one regular taco, one Doritos Locos taco, and an Enchirito. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. Literally. Thank goodness birthday's are only once a year! 

Anyway, I found this progress pic on my phone from a couple months ago, and although I have a long way to go, it's so great seeing how far I've come. Hoping to get a great shoulder workout in this week and maybe have another picture to add to this one, lord knows I've been eating enough to hopefully make some more progress! 

Here's what my shoulder day's have been looking like lately: 

*Shoulder Press 3 x 10 (I don't super set these with anything and make sure to rest at least a full minute in between sets)
*One arm dumbbell clean and press SS lateral raise 3 x 12 
*Front raise with cables SS bent over rear delt with cables 3 x 12 
*Rear delt machine flyes 3 x 10 SS plate pushes- burnout on last set 

Ladies, good luck putting your makeup on after this one.... It hurts! 

If/when you have fast food, what's your favorite? 
When you have a cheat, does it cause more bad choices or does it allow you to more easily stick to your healthy meal plan?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Fluffy What I Ate Wednesday

The fluffiness has arrived. 
You know what I mean. The "I'm trying to gain muscle so I'm eating a lot not doing cardio and now my pants feel a little tight" fluffiness. And at night, hah. Don't even want to go there. 

Despite the fluffies I'm sticking to the plan. Keep eating clean whole foods and lots of them. Keep lifting heavy and busting my butt in the gym. Sometimes you just have to trust the process. 

Meal 1- The usual. Yams, egg whites, chicken sausage. I actually got crazy this morning and added an over easy egg on top. So much dipping, so yummy. 
Meal 2 (PWO)- So this is obviously a recycled picture because I forgot to take one, but I had a protein shake and then two rice cakes with greek yogurt and blueberries on top. 
Meal 3- Lactaid cottage cheese with a sprinkle of Dymatize cookies and cream (so good) and a piece of Ezekiel toast with jelly. 
Meal 4- Beef stew! 
Meal 5- Salsa chicken made into a taco on a corn tortilla 
Meal 6- Turkey meatloaf muffins and tomato. Don't know why I chose tomato, sounded good at the time I suppose. 
I also had a casein shake before bed and I may or may not have stuck a spoon in the peanut butter jar. Oh, and I'm fairly certain I had a black bean brownie somewhere in the mix too. Hey, I'm bulking right!? :) 

Don't forget you can use the promo code LITTLEB on your MRM purchases through Monday and receive 30% off! Such a great deal! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Food and Fitness Filled Weekend!

Happy Monday! Guess what, it's my birth week! Yay! It's actually pretty crazy that we are already nearing mid-November and 2014 is literally around the corner.Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully you're enjoying one extra day off today. I however am not. Boo.

We are still having ridiculously awesome weather in Arizona, it's around 80-90 during the day and then about 65-70 at night which means it's the BEST time to enjoy some outdoor dinners. We tried out a new spot on Friday night, mostly because they had an awesome patio with pretty lights everywhere, but the food ended up being amazing too. I got the Sea Bass with bacon brussel sprouts and although I'm sure that sauce that is on top is probably a buttery concoction of some sort, it was sooo good. 

After dinner we headed over to our favorite Friday night place for a glass of wine and some live music. You just can't beat live music, it's the best! And my company was pretty great too :) 

On Saturday I met up with B at my parents house after he was done golfing with my dad (god forbid they miss a Saturday golf date...) and picked up some Rumbi on the way. If you guys have one near you and you haven't tried it, it's definitely a must. It's really the healthiest fast food I've ever found and it tastes great too. 

After scarfing down a majority of my chicken bowl my mom and I headed to the gym for a little bi's and tri's workout. I love poking around in different gyms and it was even more fun having her there with me. My arms feel like they're about to fall off today and since my mom usually doesn't lift like we did I can only imagine hers feel the same or worse. Woops, sorry mom! 

My weekend of fitness continued on Sunday with an early morning back workout and then a hike about halfway up Camelback Mountain. I will have to admit, I thought I was going to die a few times (I haven't done any cardio in like 2 months!) but it was fun and I do love a little challenge.

We refueled at brunch afterwards and you better believe I ate every one of those little potato nuggets. Not only were they good, I was in serious need of carbs after our 2 a day workout. 

Then a majority of the afternoon was spent like this, recovering with some football and juice. A win for the Cardinals and a horrible loss for my Cowboys :( 

I finally mustered up some energy to make dinner and dessert and I'm so glad I did. We haven't had salmon in a while because I got turned off to it a little bit ago, but now that I've taken a break I'm all about it. I also made Chocolate Covered Katie's black bean brownies for the first time in a while and they came out as perfect as I remembered them. I think I may even make them to take to Thanksgiving dinner! 

PS- Don't forget to enter my MRM giveaway! It ends tonight! 

What was the highlight of your weekend? I'd love to know! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday, Thursday! So close to Friday! 

I'm actually pretty excited for this day... making a big change this evening!  I'll put a post up on Instagram later so make sure you keep an eye on my profile. 

I have a few random thoughts to share today- first, our dinner last night. It was the quickest most simple but satisfying meal and another one of those that I can throw in your face when you say you "don't have time to eat healthy"! I bought the pre-cut and skewered veggies at the grocery store (they were on manager special for a whopping $2.99) and then marinated chicken in Tamari, garlic, salt and pepper. When I got home from work all I had to do was cube up the chicken and stick it on skewers then throw them on the grill. The chicken had the best flavor and the whole thing took about 20 minutes. I also like the brown rice/ quinoa mixture that you can get in the 90 second bags and we had that on the side. Ta da!  

Random thought #2 I have talked about before and I'm working so hard to fix it, but I really noticed it again in this picture from our chest/shoulders workout. Do you see it? 

My left shoulder is such a slackerrrr. Gah!! 

And lastly, my glorious pumpkin protein pancakes. I really think they speak for themselves but they were the ultimate post workout meal that left me stuffed for hours and hours. I made them silver dollar pancake size so that I could tower them up like a 5 year old. Much more fun to eat when you are trying to keep them from tipping over! ;) 

Any guesses on what my big change will be!?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

Wednesday already! I swear when you have projects to finish and goals to reach time just flies! :) 

I feel well on my way to increasing my calories and carbs in an effort to put on some more muscle. I'm still just eyeballing things and still feeling great, so I'm just going to keep this up until I feel like I need to do a little calorie check to see where I'm at... and maybe step on the scale? Haven't done that in a while. 

Started the day with my tried and true! Yams, egg whites, and Applegate chicken sausage. Doesn't get old! 

After we hit bi's and tri's I refueled with a simple banana, protein, oat, and almond milk shake. 

Morning snack was an old favorite! I had the urge to do some baking on Tuesday night so I made my Apple Cinnamon Protein muffins which I used to be obsessed with, and now I remember why! I had one of those with some greek yogurt mixed with a little protein powder, cinnamon, and stevia. 

I ended up saving the rest of my pizza for lunch yesterday and added some turkey pepperoni. It was perfect. 

I meant to make an extravagant taco salad for my Meal 5 but I was feeling a little lazy so I settled with turkey, lettuce, and jalapenos. 

And we ended the night with a Ribeye and some veggies... I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our one month anniversary! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

MRM Giveaway, You Pick the Prize!

I'm super excited to be hosting an MRM giveaway! I have been using their protein for the past couple of weeks and I looove it. It has such a rich flavor and doesn't upset my stomach one bit. I love their products because most of them are sweetened with Stevia and you can just tell they are a company that genuinely wants to promote health. 

Okay enough with the small talk, here's how to enter: 

The contest will end next Monday at midnight and I will announce the winner on Tuesday morning! Good luck! :) 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Food Fitness and Friends... AKA My Weekend

Such a fun weekend and I actually did a halfway decent job of taking pictures! For some reason last week seemed like the longest week ever so Friday night we were ready to kick our feet up and relax, but not before I made my new favorite dinner. 

This is clean Chicken Lo Mein! I've made it twice now and it came out a little different the second time so I still need a little time to perfect the recipe, but gosh I just love it and it's perfect now that it's starting to cool down. And by cooling down I mean the rest of the country of course, we are still sitting at a lovely 85 degrees, and I am not complaining about it! 

After dinner we took Charley to the dog park... look at that smile! 

Saturday morning started with an egg white crepe-y thing with maple syrup and two pieces of Ezekiel toast with jelly. Natures Hallow jelly is awesome because it's sweetened with Xylitol and tastes super yummy. Jelly is a weakness of mine so I'm super glad to have found this. 

After a lazy morning we hit the gym for a little back and abs. We did deadlifts for the first time in a while and we are still really feeling it today. Definitely want to get those back into the mix more regularly! 

Saturday night we hit the town for a bit to celebrate a birthday-- B is clearly quite the ladies man! ;) 

And Sunday was spent the way Sunday's are meant to be spent. On the couch watching football (Go Cowboys!) and eating pizza. This is actually from a local pizza place called Jimmy and Joe's and it's a gluten free, no cheese pizza with tons of veggies and chicken on it. OH MY. It's seriously amazing and you better believe I'll be having the other half for lunch today! 

Make it a great week! 

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