Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Most Asked Health and Fitness Questions

As I was trying to catch up on emails and Facebook messages I noticed I was being asked many of the 
same questions by a lot of different people so I decided it may be easier to answer them here. If you've followed me for a while you'll notice I've answered some of these in the past and my answers today may be different-- this is just because as you learn what works for you sometimes methods of training or eating change. It doesn't mean I was right or wrong before, it just means I'm doing what works best for me at this moment. 

What program are you currently using? 
I'm doing a mix of my own thing and James Wilson's Body Earned program. Some days I feel inspired to use what I've learned while becoming certified to create my own workouts and sometimes I just want to follow something that's already laid out for me. 
What's your cardio routine? 
As of a couple weeks ago, I've really limited my cardio. I lost a good amount of muscle in the past couple of months due to under eating and not working out regularly so I'm really really focusing on building. To build muscle you need an excess of calories and doing a bunch of cardio is counter productive. 

How often do you do HIIT? 

If I'm trying to lean out I'll do sprints on the treadmill or step mill 3- times a week. Right now I don't plan on doing any interval training until after the holidays. 

How often are you weight training? 

I'm trying to get back into my groove of 5 days a week. I like to take off a day in the middle of the week to catch up on sleep and then usually Sunday's too. It's important to remember your muscles need time to recover and repair and if you over work them you're actually doing yourself a disservice. Rest days are important! 

Any supplements or vitamins you suggest?

I typically stick to the basics- a whole food multi vitamin, Iron, B12, Fish oil, & Vitamin C. I use Amino Energy before workouts and whey protein afterwards. I'm also probably going to start taking creatine over the next few months while I'm in my building phase. I've never really used it before so I'll have to keep you posted on how I like it! 

What are you current goals when it comes to fitness? 
Like I mentioned above, I'm really focused on building muscle right now. This means I'm lifting as heavy as possible and taking longer rest periods (1 min to 1.5 min). I'm also trying to slowly bump up my calories to where they were this time last year which is about 2000 on workout days. It's a lot harder than you would think and actually messes with your mind sometimes, but I'm taking it slow and so far so good! 

If you have other questions that I didn't cover above feel free to leave them below-- I'm more than happy to do another post like this! 


  1. First, I love your blog and always want to comment on things however, I feel as though what I have to say is not important! Oh well, I finally mustered up the courage. I was wondering about taking creatine and noticed that you said you were going to start taking it as well. I do not have much trouble gaining muscle and I am also a lot bigger than you! I am 5'8'' probably 155 lbs. I do not weigh myself often because I am happy with the weigh I look! Still, I was wondering if it would be beneficial if I starting taking it or if it would be overkill? I am already pretty muscular. Please let me know what you think! Trying to get as many opinions as possible!

  2. Hi Little B, I would be cautious of taking the creatine. I have a Kinesiology degree and one of my courses was advanced training principles. My prof dedicated one whole lecture to supplementation because so many people have so much mis-information paired with companies who have great marketing. From what I remember, your muscles already have a maximum creatine store as long as you're eating a balanced diet. Your muscles will not use additional creatine when they're already at their threshold. Only people who, for physiological reasons, have a depletion of creatine stores would benefit from supplementation. Everyone else just metabolizes it which is hard on your kidneys. People who take creatine will often appear larger from the excess water bloat but it's doesn't really aid muscle building.

  3. are you taking the creatine with water or grape juice I hear so many different debates about this ...

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