Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Fitness Goals & WIAW

How is everyone doing so far on their Fall Fitness goals? Have you written them down or said them out loud? Both usually help me stay on track! Writing down in my planner helps because I see it every day- it's a constant reminder for me. Saying it out loud to friends and family also helps too because others can help keep you accountable when you start to slip. I'll set a short term goal like 'no eating out for a whole week' and be sure to tell B so that when I'm feeling lazy on a Thursday night I have someone to tell me to get it together! ;) 

So far so good for me when it comes to getting in all my meals and hitting the gym 5 days a week. I'm lifting as heavy as possible and making myself impossibly sore which I love. Here's what the eats looked like yesterday... 
Meal 1- Egg whites, yams, and chicken sausage
Meal 5- Tuna with mustard, pickles, and a few sweet potato tortilla chips 
Meal 6- Chicken lo mein with brown rice noodles 


  1. with your new goal of building muscle, what macros are you now following? tam

  2. With all the healthy/fun/colorful/fresh foods you eat, what is a typical grocery bill for you? Also, how long does it take you for food prep? Thanks!

  3. I would also like to add parmesan cheese to this diet, This cheese really tastes well and it has a good percentage of protein per 100 gram.


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