Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eating in Punta Cana and What I Ate Wednesday

Before I jump in to this weeks What I Ate Wednesday, one of the questions I was asked on Facebook yesterday was what I ate on our Honeymoon. Now of course I wish I would have taken photo's, but food pics weren't necessarily top of mind while I was gone :)

While we were in the Dominican Republic I literally ate whatever I wanted. We stayed at an all inclusive resort which meant our little wristbands got us food and drink where ever and when ever we wanted. For breakfast there was a HUGE buffet with everything from omelette's, to crepes, cereals, fresh fruit (I ate pineapple with every meal!), pastries- you name it, it was there. The buffet initially made me pretty nervous just because there tends to be a lot of cross contamination when it comes to the gluten and dairy containing items but I was just fine the entire time. In fact, my stomach didn't ache or bloat the entire time we were there. I admittedly ate a few bites of dessert every night, had Irish Coffee with whipped cream, ate cookies and fondue and had not one reaction! It was the most amazing feeling waking up AND going to bed with a flat yet full tummy. My guess is it has to do with the fact that they really only used clean, whole food ingredients that were quality. It really drives me nuts though because literally the day we got home, I looked down and realized I had my typical 4 month preggo belly before getting in bed. What gives!?

Anyway, in addition to the breakfast buffet, there was a lunch buffet that was different each day and then a fancy dinner every night. I ate a LOT of crab and lobster, lots of steak, and definitely got in a few late night room service orders. Though my workouts slacked, I happened to weigh myself before and after our trip and much to my surprise the number didn't budge! (I thought I'd come back 5lbs heavier without a doubt! :) ) Despite no weight gain there are big goals in my future and to reach them means lots of food. I'm going to gradually increase my calories over the next few months, starting at 1500 now. Here's what it looked like yesterday

Oat and coconut pancakes for breakfast (no recipe yet sorry!) 
Post workout shake
Lactaid cottage cheese with Ezekiel bread and jelly 
Turkey, onion, asparagus, and yams sautéed with coconut oil 
Chicken fajita salad 
And finally turkey burger on lettuce 

Do you have goals for the winter? 
Do your goals change based on season? 


  1. Hey Brittany,

    Congrats on your wedding. I'm sure it was a perfect day!

    I just wanted to say thanks for your post about your trip. I'm glad to hear you indulged a bit and didn't end up gaining. I am going away soon myself and have been a bit nervous about eating/drinking and potential weight gain (I want to enjoy myself), but this made me feel a lot better.

    Can't wait to hear about your upcoming goals!


  2. Awww congrats on being a Mrs!! That's awesome!

    I'd love to know (you look amazing!!) what your typical week looks like for workouts. How much cardio do you do? Is it daily? How long? Cardio and I don't mix, I love weights and have gotten a lot more definition, but I want more! Lol!! xxoo


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