Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday, ish

Hmm yet another WIAW that I managed to forget about halfway through the day. Shoot! I did look through my phone and find lots of recent food pics though, so although this is not what I ate in one day this is what my eats have looked like lately. 

Top left: oat cakes! Simply oats, egg whites, spices and stevia. 
Top middle: My infamous yam scramble that I just can't get enough of + a piece of chicken sausage.
Top right: Pumpkin protein muffins!!! (Super happy about pumpkin season)
Bottom left: Chicken fajita salad
Bottom middle: Chipotle... I haven't had this in ages and to be honest I was a little underwhelmed. 
Bottom right: Primerib and veggies from our favorite steakhouse

What's the last thing you were excited to eat but was a bit of a let down? 


  1. I think Chipotle is a GREAT option when you're in a bind. Their guacamole is so fresh and tasty! I love, too, how they are really an open book when it comes to what you're eating. That being said, sure, I can make it better at home but I'm not having to clean up the mess. I do like to get my bowl 'to go' and add some 0% Fage on top.

    Now, I really need to make those pumpkin muffins!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party time

  3. Do you have a recipe for the oat cakes (like exact amounts), please!


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