Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wonders!

Just thought I'd do a little phone dump of our weekend.. well, actually it's mostly our Saturday night! 

This past weekend was basically the last one we had to get anything done before the wedding, since next weekend we'll be in Vegas for the Olympia! We spent all day hashing out the final details, getting the seating arrangement perfected, buying candy for the candy table and dropping off some checks. By Saturday night we both felt really accomplished so we treated ourselves to a little sushi date night! 

 The bathroom lighting was awesome and I had just had to... 

I keep saying I feel like I've lost some muscle, but I suppose my arms still look ok! :) 

And what's a celebration without a glass of champs, right? 

We found the coolest little rooftop bar in Old Town Scottsdale that neither one of us had heard of. They had music and it was a beauuuutiful night out on the patio. 

We did lots of lounging on Sunday, hit up the grocery store, and I did a little cooking. First batch of pumpkin protein muffins of the season! They came out so good and moist- I made one change to the original recipe, I didn't have applesauce so I substituted 1 T of coconut oil. So yummy! 


  1. aGH I just got engaged and not excited about wedding planning...but excited to toast to everything with champagne lol! Sounds like a fun weekend!


  2. Awe congrats on all of the wedding planning! And ummm your arms look pretty unreal if you ask me! #werk

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