Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's (almost) here! Olympia 2013!

I can't believe it all starts today! I'll be heading out to Vegas this evening after work, and then the expo starts bright and early tomorrow morning. James sent me this photo yesterday of the banners for the booth and my jaw literally dropped. I don't think I've ever seen myself so large! 

Seeing this definitely made it more real and raised my excitement level 100x. I still don't really know what to expect, but I am definitely super pumped about meeting so many of you that will be there! 

I had to squeeze in one more workout before heading out, even though I wreaked of spray tan and sweat. Yuck! I did shoulders and tri's and realized I've dropped in weight pretty much across the board. It makes me sad but I know that after the honeymoon I will be focused on building and eating for a few months and hopefully these muscles will fill back out and then some! 

If you're going to be in Vegas this weekend please please come say hi and introduce yourself! Can't wait! 


  1. Wish I was going!! One day I will :) Have a blast girl!! Love the banner!

  2. Wow! I'm a follower & fellow Arizonian of yours & I just have to say how I admire your hard work & determination! U must be so excited especially after seeing that banner - it's amazing! Have a blast - I will be watching via webcast :)

  3. cool ur going. what do u do with your eyebrows-i want to create that look.


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