Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Holding Myself Accountable- 16 Days to Mr. Olympia!

I figured since I've committed myself to getting my act together before the Olympia, quickly sharing meals and workouts would a good way to keep myself accountable. For some reason, when I know there are people watching me, (or reading me?) it gives me that little bit of extra pressure I need to keep pushing through. 

I've found that my mornings either make or break me. I'm an early morning worker-outer (up at 5am to the gym by 6am) so breakfast and workouts really set the tone for my day. If I wake up and feel tired and decide to skip the gym or breakfast, it's almost inevitable I will have a tired and sluggish day. Maybe it's just mental, but it happens every time. So I do my best to pop out of bed as soon as I hear my alarm and get started on breakfast right away. After I eat, I'm always ready to get out the door, and if I'm not- I know my body probably actually needs the rest. 

If I don't make myself overnight oats, I will usually set my alarm 5 minutes earlier to whip up something quick. (Yes, you can make breakfast in 5 minutes or less so I don't want to hear the "I don't have time" excuse ever again!) This morning I threw some yams I had diced and baked in the oven on Monday and egg whites in a pan and that was that. Filling, delicious and great to fuel my back, bi's, and cardio workout. 

I mentioned on Instagram this morning that I didn't realize my shoulders were getting so... shouldery (?) but I'm definitely liking the progress! 

Then for my post workout meal. I've been keeping a little secret from you guys... or maybe I'm just the last to know about them, but Vans waffles are the jam! The ingredients label looks great, and they are gluten free! Now before the clean eating police come to find me, I realize these are a technically a processed food however like I mentioned the ingredients are great and I probably eat one twice a week, if that. Anyway, you don't even need any syrup- I just top mine with some fruit and I'm good to go! 

On track day 2 in the books! :) 

What is your "make it or break it" for the day? Does it usually have more to do with workouts or nutrition? 


  1. I love those waffles too!!

    For me it's both. If I don't workout in the morning, I have a crappy day. If I eat a "bad" meal, I find the rest of my day follows too. It's mental for me. Like "oh I already at one bad thing so today is a write off". I'm getting better but it's still a bit tricky! ;)

  2. Hi, Are you still using the James Wilson program as your workout plan or are you following a different approach? How much cardio are you doing a week? Thanks Tam x

  3. you always give shots of your upper body. I need motivation for my lower body. Please post shots of your legs/glutes/calves. I need motivation in this area.

  4. With my hectic schedule right now, I have to get up at 3:30 to be at the gym by 4:30. Split it up between morn and night... but I haven't been eating breakfast before my workout as that seems too soon. Don't we have to wait for about an hour for food to process or is that the wrong direction I'm taking. I take my protein shake right after and then eat my oatmeal (today is Greek yogurt as I forgot my oatmeal... :( )

  5. I had one of those days, today- just couldn't get out of bed and ready for the day! (I blame the thunderstorm we had). These days are honestly rare for me, but I've finally come to terms with acknowledging them and accepting them as a recovery day. Does my mood suffer? Yup. Does my energy drop? Yup. But- the next day, I. Am. Game! So please know you're not alone with those thoughts :)


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