Monday, August 5, 2013

Meltdown Monday

It's Monday, August 5th.

60 days away from our wedding day.


I was met with my little friend panic attack this morning when I woke up and looked at the date. I really don't have all that much left to do, but still, it's really overwhelming to think about. What if I forget something? What if something doesn't arrive on time? What if!? Ah! The great part is not one ounce of me is actually worried about the getting married part... it's the planning part that gets me!

The big things I have left to do are putting together the full day schedule and running through that with our DJ (DJ Rolemodel :) ), and then ordering 836 things off Etsy to go along with the 573 things I've already bought. We also need to buy our rings and the thing I'm dreading the most is name cards and seating chart. With 200 people I've yet to figure out a cute way of not causing a huge congregation/ long line to have people pick up their seating cards, and then I have to decide how to differentiate chicken from beef. Any suggestions are definitely welcomed!

I did get two big things crossed off the list this weekend which were sending out the invitations (this was a process that pretty much took all week) and buying everything (besides the flowers) for our centerpieces. Phew.

Other than crazy wedding planning, B and I had a fun relaxing weekend. I've put an alcohol ban on myself since last week- 1. because I looked back at a pre-photo shoot picture and let's just say that was a bad idea and 2. because I'm saving up for Vegas :) T-11 days until the Bachelorette party. Talk about crunch time.

Here were some of my eats this weekend!

Fajita Salad

Side salad from The Keg with shrimp

A Kombucha on Saturday night to replace my wine. Boo.

Broiled Chicken Salad from Pita Jungle 

Chicken Protein plate from Chop Shop- This one was 2 meals!

Sunday morning post workout Pumpkin Protein Pancakes. 

I know I've asked before, but if anyone has any wedding planning secrets/tips/or things you wish you had done differently please share!! :)


  1. I don't know how formal the wedding is, but having a large framed print or poster board with the seating list might look nice, that way people walk by, see that they are at table 13 and go and find table 13 where their place card is on the table. Something like this:

    We differentiated between meals by adding a colored stick-on jewel to the place card (chicken was clear, beef was teal) It added sparkle, but was functional too.

  2. If I was you I wouldn't even mess with a seating chart. We thought about it and figured that people are going to end up sitting whereever they want regardless of where you put them. We had a buffet, but I had a friend that had a formal dinner, but didn't have a seating chart and it was a really good idea. She had this little chocolate things with a stick/flag thing coming out of it, and they had these things attached where one color stood for chicken and the other color stood for beef. Then the waiters would bring out both and just pass out which ever the person picked. That's what I would do. Also, remember if the wedding day gets here and there isn't something done, or not exactly how you want it, then it really wasn't that important and just remember no matter what you will be married to your best friend and that's all that matters! : )

  3. I'm an event planner and I've had a lot of success with doing a large, themed, foam board (you can get them printed at office supply stores) as "Tiff" suggested above. I'm in the Detroit area and one of my clients wanted to organize folks by Detroit neighborhoods instead of numbers. For example, "Downtown" or "Corktown" were the names of tables, and folks names were printed underneath. I would definitely encourage you to make a seating chart. Guests expect that and it may cause more confusion when arriving at the reception. To differentiate between food preferences, you could put a separate list together for the waitstaff, by table. If you are using excel or another spreadsheet type program to organize your RSVPs then it should be easy to add seat assignments with food preferences. They could have a list of folks that are sitting at the "Corktown" table and who is getting which dinner. Let the wait staff do some of the work/figuring it out when they arrive.

  4. Ahhh that all too familiar feeling!! I was in the same boat girl!! Everything will be perfect - promise ;)
    For our seating plan I also did a large framed photo from our engagement shoot. It was faded out and the writing was over top, it turned out really nice! Then for the seating cards, they were on the tables and their names were on a patterned card. Each choice was a different pattern. We had a black and white theme so chicken was damask, beef was stripped and veg was polka dot. I passed that along to the wait staff and they knew exactly what everyone was having. Super easy!!
    Try not to stress too much (I know, easier said than done!) Planning can be stressful but when the big day comes all you should be thinking about is sittin' back and getting married!!!

  5. You should talk to my sister, that girl planned her wedding ALL by herself and never seemed to flinch ONCE! Everything went smoothly too - Well minus something COMPLETELY out of her control (the step-father of the groom's speech) but otherwise it was FLAWLESS! To this day I am mystified as to HOW she did that! LOL!

  6. I am a little late--but I would say definitely give your photographers a list and discuss with them the pics you want taken! I know it sounds simple- but I realized after it was over that I didn't get some pictures I would've loved to have like individual shots with certain people/family, etc. Don't get me wrong we still got great pictures :) but I wish I would've been very specific. I like this list: for starters. But if you have the time and haven't already (I am sure you have :)) browse around on pinterest or the web and print picture ideas as well to take with you. This I did do lol- and we got some really great shots from the ideas! I loved the planning part and am happy to share anything I learned!


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