Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Slip Ups and Fitness Goals

You guys. I have never believed in the saying "when it rains it pours" more than I do now! There is literally so much going on right now (with a HUGE change a work that just happened yesterday) that I know if I don't make my health and fitness goals top of mind, they are going to slip. 

I've always noticed when I get really busy its far easier to skip the gym or a meal, maybe have a few too many glasses of wine. The bad part about that is it only ends up making me feel way worse. When I feed my body the way it needs to be fed and continue to challenge myself in the gym, it really helps keep me sane and keeps my body functioning the way I want it to. So, I've jumped back in to James Wilson's Body Earned Program to help me prepare for the Olympia in one month

I'll admit the past month or so I haven't been on point with workouts or nutrition and I feel as though I've lost some muscle. Funny, isn't it? I slip up and I lose weight on the scale, and this is a result of having built a good metabolism and a solid foundation of muscle. Build muscle ladies! 

Anyway, since I absolutely hate the thought of losing muscle, I'm going to be lifting heavy and cutting out most of the active rests from my lifting. I'll keep a little cardio in there just so that I can stay on the leaner side while trying to beef these muscles back up :) As far as nutrition, I'll just be doing the usual- complex carbs, healthy fats, and lean proteins and probably eating around my maintenance level for calories.  

Sometimes writing my short term goals down helps me stick to them, so if you're the same way, comment below with your short term goals and stick to 'em! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weekend Recap, A Day Late

I realized this weekend how fast life can throw you a curve ball. Saturday started off perfectly with my beautiful friend Caitlin's bridal shower. 

Then Saturday night I got to celebrate my moms birthday... I can only hope that I look like her when I'm 45! Everyone says we look like twins, but I just don't see it. What do you guys think?

Sunday morning the whole gang got back together again and went to one of my favorite places to celebrate another birthday. The Yard is basically an adult playground with ping pong, corn hole, shuffle board, and TVs everywhere. So much fun.

And that's where I was when I got the horrible news that my Papa had passed. Even though we have been mentally preparing ourselves for the inevitable, you can't help but feel completely shocked. B and I spent a few hours with my family on Sunday evening crying and laughing as we talked about our favorite memories and said our goodbyes. It's never easy but I'm so glad he's not in pain anymore and definitely in a better place. RIP Papa, love you! Thank you all for letting me share my life with you- the good, the bad, and everything in between :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baby Steps It Is.

Thank you all so much for your love and kind words yesterday. There were a couple of you that advised baby steps would be the best way to make it out of this not-so-great time and I think you're absolutely right. Last night I actually had some time to make a full, yummy dinner instead of something quick before running out the door so I made sure to sit down and really enjoy it. 

Last nights dinner is another good example of a his and hers meal that I tweak just a bit to make everyone happy. Mine was Monte Bene pasta sauce with ground turkey over spaghetti squash and a side salad, while B had brown rice pasta noodles, the pasta sauce and mozzarella with a side salad as well. I haven't made pasta in a long time so this was an awesome welcomed change. I'll probably mix in some of the noodles with my spaghetti squash for lunch today! 

My second baby step was finally getting back in the gym after being gone for more than a week. 

It felt sooo good! Even though my muscles feel like mush to me, it was so great to throw around some heavy weights this morning! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Dose of Reality

So, after yesterday's happy cheery post, I felt like I should let you in on what is really going on in my brain. At the beginning of last week, my grandpa was moved into a hospice center and taken off dialysis and as you can imagine it has been pretty downhill since then. My emotions have been all over the place and my time is so limited right now, I don't quite know what to do with myself. The center he is in takes about an hour to get to round trip, and I've gone out there everyday since he's been there so that I can try to spend as much time as possible with him while he's still here. It's also been great seeing my family every day and remembering all the fun times papa has brought to our lives. But, this has left literally not a minute of time for wedding planning, blogging, gym, studying for my certification, or a fun thing I once knew- relaxation.

Vegas was a blast and it was amazing spending time with friends, but it was a quick fix and when we got back not only was reality right there waiting, but so was some sort of stomach bug/hangover/ my body not functioning at all. I'm finally feeling better after 2 days of not being able to eat anything which is so weird for me, and realistically I know I've lost muscle my body is going to freak out now that I'm eating again. I always feel like my physical body suffers so much when the mental part is out of whack.

I hate being a complainer (especially when I know how good I have it, and trust me I don't take a single moment of my life for granted), but I also hate when things slip through the cracks and I feel like there are so many cracks everywhere in my life right now it's hard to keep up with everything.

I haven't prepped food, I haven't been to the gym in over a week, and I feel like there is not a chance I'm going to be ready to take the NASM certification in a month. I kinda want to scream but instead I'm going to just pull it together. Today, I feel like my head is finally screwed on straight (well, kinda) and I'm going to prep some food, get a plan of attack together for getting back to the gym and getting my routine back. I know it's not going to be perfect and I might not be able to fit everything in that I want to, but I'm just going to try my best because well, that is all I can do. 

I'm not perfect. Crazy, weird, sad, stuff happens to me too. Just because it seems like I have it together most of the time, doesn't mean sh*t doesn't go haywire every once and a while. 

So, to answer the emails and messages asking if I'm going to stop blogging, the answer is absolutely not. I may need a little time to get back into my groove, but it will happen and I have some really exciting stuff that is going to start happening at the end of the year, so you're not getting rid of me that easily ;) 

Thank you all for being so loyal and concerned, I really appreciate it  more than you know! PS- Check out Get Fit Magazine if you haven't already, super cool issue this month :)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bach Party & Firedaughter Winners!

Wow seems like this past week has flown by, I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long! Wooops! Since I'm still getting back to real life after Vegas, here are a few shots from the weekend :) 

We both had SO MUCH FUN and even though we have been struggling for the past 2 days, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. It was awesome having all our friends together and it makes me even more excited for the wedding! 

PS- Firedaughter winners are Amanda Legare and Rachel Gilmore, please email me within 48 hours to claim your prizes! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Firedaughter Clothing Giveaway!!

As if you all didn't already know this, I'm absolutely obsessed with Samya and Firedaughter and everything that goes along with it. 

Samya has been gracious enough to offer up 2 tanks/tops as giveaways! These are just a few of my favorites right now (Just bought the football one in Cowboys colors, yay!) but to enter I need to know your favs! 

To enter: 
1. Follow Firedaughter on Instagram AND
2. Visit her Etsy page and comment here and let me know which top you would choose if you won! 

I will choose 2 winners on Friday and each of you will get the top of your choice!  Woohoo! 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday- New Food Loves

So, I have a couple new food loves lately. Well, I suppose one is actually a drink- the Power Green juice from a local restraunt Chop Shop. It's kale, 1/2 apple, lemon, lime, celery, parsley, ginger, and cucumber. It's soooo good and makes me want a juicer sooo bad! (It's on our wedding registry along with a waffle maker which I am also dying for. Hint, hint!) 

My second new love is a little odd but super good- hard boiled egg whties filled with peanut butter and topped with cinnamon and Stevia. Sounds weird but tastes great and it's oddly really, really filling. Love it. All my other eats were pretty normal, check them out below! 

- Yam and veggies scramble 
- Sweet potato pancakes 
- Cottage cheese, oats, and peanut butter
- Green juice!
- Egg whites and peanut butter with cinnamon
- Turkey and green beans with almonds
- Egg white and veggie scramble with brown rice 

What are some of your favorite weird food combos? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Something New

When I first started going to the gym I immediately fell in love with Spin classes. B and I got addicted to them for a while before I really got into lifting, and then when that happened I stopped all together in an effort to build some muscle. Every Tuesday and Thursday I see the 6am spin class cycling away and I kept telling myself I needed to get back on the bike and try out a class again. 

I was hesitant for a while because well, I thought I was going to die haha. Spin classes are not easy especially when cardio isn't your specialty, but last night I told myself I was going to get up and go this morning and I did. AND I lived :) 

I actually think it would have been a lot harder 2 weeks ago before starting Clutch Cut, but since I've been doing a lot more interval training and circuit training it actually wasn't too bad. I didn't cheat at all and I was able to do everything all out which I was really excited about. I threw in a quick oblique circuit when I was done and in about an hour I burned 450 calories which is huge for me. Love it! 

I refueled this morning with a big stack of sweet potato pancakes topped with microwaved blueberries, and while I was eating them decided I needed to write this post haha. It's really important to not only switch up your workouts but also do what you like. If you like to run 10 miles every day like this crazy lady, then do it. Don't worry about what program everyone else is doing or the way everyone else looks- do what makes you happy. Does riding 17 miles for almost an hour get me closer to building muscle? Probably not, but I had so much fun and loved it! It doesn't mean I have to do it every day, or ever again, I'm going to do what  feel like doing because I workout to make myself feel better. Most of the time muscle building is my jam- it's what I love doing which is why I have James Wilson's program as my "home base" workouts. They're great for my goals and I love how they progress, but I'm not going to be afraid to do other things too-- cycling, boxing, cross fit etc. I'm all about switching it up!

Do you LOVE the workouts you're doing or are you doing them because you feel like you should? 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Meltdown Monday

It's Monday, August 5th.

60 days away from our wedding day.


I was met with my little friend panic attack this morning when I woke up and looked at the date. I really don't have all that much left to do, but still, it's really overwhelming to think about. What if I forget something? What if something doesn't arrive on time? What if!? Ah! The great part is not one ounce of me is actually worried about the getting married part... it's the planning part that gets me!

The big things I have left to do are putting together the full day schedule and running through that with our DJ (DJ Rolemodel :) ), and then ordering 836 things off Etsy to go along with the 573 things I've already bought. We also need to buy our rings and the thing I'm dreading the most is name cards and seating chart. With 200 people I've yet to figure out a cute way of not causing a huge congregation/ long line to have people pick up their seating cards, and then I have to decide how to differentiate chicken from beef. Any suggestions are definitely welcomed!

I did get two big things crossed off the list this weekend which were sending out the invitations (this was a process that pretty much took all week) and buying everything (besides the flowers) for our centerpieces. Phew.

Other than crazy wedding planning, B and I had a fun relaxing weekend. I've put an alcohol ban on myself since last week- 1. because I looked back at a pre-photo shoot picture and let's just say that was a bad idea and 2. because I'm saving up for Vegas :) T-11 days until the Bachelorette party. Talk about crunch time.

Here were some of my eats this weekend!

Fajita Salad

Side salad from The Keg with shrimp

A Kombucha on Saturday night to replace my wine. Boo.

Broiled Chicken Salad from Pita Jungle 

Chicken Protein plate from Chop Shop- This one was 2 meals!

Sunday morning post workout Pumpkin Protein Pancakes. 

I know I've asked before, but if anyone has any wedding planning secrets/tips/or things you wish you had done differently please share!! :)

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