Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

I'm such an airhead sometimes. I went to put together my little collage for WIAW and realized I took pictures of everything except my dinner. Boo! So, here's a What I (mostly) Ate Wednesday: 

Meal 1- The usual! Egg whites, yams, onion, and bell pepper
Meal 2- Egg whites with overnight oats! It's been a while since I had overnight oats and they were deeelish! 
Meal 3- Lactaid Cottage Cheese with cinnamon, peanut butter, and 1/2 a Quest bar crumbled up. Pretty much like dessert at 10am and pretty much awesome. 
Meal 4- Turkey burger with Almond Cheese, tomato and yam. 
Meal 5- Taco turkey meat with avocado over a nice big salad. 
Meal 6- (no pic) Fajitas

Lots of you have noticed that I haven't been eating grains as much, and you are right! I've cut them back and really only eat them on leg day. Overall, my body seems to do okay with grains, but since I've just been maintaining over the summer and (trying) to stay on the leaner side, I've mainly been relying on yams and veggies for my carbs. I am however going to start a little building phase for about 4 weeks once we are back from vacation this weekend, so I am going to add the grains back in because I find that I have better gains that way. Not sure if this will work for everyone, but it's what works for me! 

How do you manipulate your diet based on goals? 


  1. First love your blog. Second I am a little frustrated, I literally eat exactly like you and I have not lost a pound in 3 months. So frustrated. I drink a gallon of water a day and I work out 4-5 days a week, using HIIT, plyometrics, lifting weights etc. What gives?

    1. It might be that you are putting on muscle at a similar rate that you are losing fat. Maybe don't focus on weight on the scale right now -- try focusing on your body, how it feels when you move around, how your jeans fit (though maybe not in THIS weather), etc. Isn't it a great feeling when you try to lift something heavy and you CAN? :)

  2. Miss L s Mom, You might not be eating enough to support the amount of cals you are burning. Trying weighing everything you eat and put it into and see how many cals you are actually eating. If its not enough then your body will want to hold onto any thing it can for fuel ie:fat

  3. Are there lactose-free Quest bars? Or are they all lactose free in general? I haven't found any that specify "lactose free", but I'd love to be able to try them. Thanks!

  4. What about fruits???? They are still good sugars....right?

  5. B, what is that source you have next to your Meal 1? Looks like ketchup but I know it isn't :)

  6. Just a question - what does a typical workout week look like ? How often do you hit certain body parts and how do you split them up?

  7. Sorry to ask a semi-unrelated question, but I'm thinking of making your yam protein muffins, the recipe you posted almost exactly a year ago, and I'm wondering, when you say "a scoop" of protein powder, do you know how big that is? Like half a cup, 2 tbsp....? Thanks very much. I'm excited for the recipe because I've recently gotten into sweet potatoes -- I like both how they taste and how I feel after I eat them -- and I need a way to use my protein powder! :) -Loretta

  8. I like the way you have chosen your meals, the quantity and when taking as the nutritious way it's great.

  9. I just read about egg white oats on another blog. I usually have egg whites and spinach with an Ezekiel tortilla or Ezekiel toast for breakfast. I found that the extra protein and fiber helps me stay full longer. :)

  10. I love that you post your foods, it really helps me plan my days and what I will eat. My problem is that I am tiny, so no fat to loose. I am trying to gain muscle. Do you think if I eat similar to the way you are, I would gain muscle...Or, do I need to eat even more. I tried to eat over 2000 cals today and's tough!


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