Monday, July 1, 2013

My Meals Monday

3 day work week!! Anyone else stoked about that? We're off to the beach again on Thursday and it can't come soon enough. It's been over 115 degrees the past few days in Phoenix. Absolutely ridiculous. I talked about making sure to keep my eats clean and drink lots of water and do my cardio to get ready for vacay. A+ on water and A+ on cardio. I also get an A+ on clean eats. Only strayed from the plan once... CHAMPS! Ah. Gets me every time. 

B and I grabbed a late lunch on Saturday before going to register for wedding gifts, and both thought it was a great idea to grab a drink first. We were right ;) So much fun registering I wish we could do it every weekend haha! 

Anyway, back to those clean eats I was talking about. I missed WIAW last week, but here's a little compilation of some meals over the last 10 days. These are just random, not what I ate in one day- but I'm always asked to show more of my meals, so here ya go! 

Top left: chicken fajitas and black beans with almond cheese. 
Middle left: Lactaid cottage cheese with 3/4 all natural Quest Bar. (Newest obsession). 
Bottom left: Chicken fajitas again, this time with a little avo on the side. 
Top right: Ground turkey with taco seasoning scrambled with egg whites then topped with Almond cheese, avo, and tomato. 
Bottom right: Yams, egg whites, carob chips cooked flat like a pancake and then topped with cinnamon and stevia. 

Do you have fun 4th of July plans? Are you all set to run around in your bikini? :) 
(I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of these next 3 days!!)


  1. damn.
    it's a regular work week here BUT BUT BUT the husband will be home for 2 days which, well, ROCKS!!

  2. Do you not do grains anymore? just starchy carbs?

    1. I've cut back-- I do eat them still, mostly on leg days :)

  3. Where did you register??

  4. Where do you get your almost cheese from? I can never find it. Enjoy your short week! :)


  5. oops...Almond cheese


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