Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monday and Mexico

I really, really wish Arizona had a beach. After growing up 10 minutes from the ocean it is seriously painful being so far away now! I did get my fix in this weekend down in Mexico and had the best time. The weather was perfect and the resort we stayed at was beautiful- as you can imagine we didn't want to come back to the 110 degree weather, at all! 

Taco time :)

B was trying to dig his feet into the sand far enough to be as short as me. He didn't quite make it far enough haha! 

So yesterday it was back to reality and that also meant a post-work grocery store trip. We were exhausted once we got home and just crashed, so I just made what we had at home work for lunch and snacks throughout the day and then threw together this quick salad for dinner. Rotisserie chickens save the day often when we are crunched for time or I haven't prepared for the week. Just pull the skin off and then get creative with your salad- last night I kept in simple with tomato, onion, and avocado, but I often add in some grilled veggies and hard boiled eggs too. It's quick and easy, and I know we're all always looking for quick and easy! 

What's your go to dinner when you're in a pinch? 


  1. Love the new look of your blog!!

  2. Thank you! Still working on a couple new things, it was definitely time for some sprucing up! :)

  3. My go to dinner is almost always a salad.

  4. it looks good but the advertising is taking over!

    1. Thanks- actually just before I saw your comment I removed the big ad at the top, it was driving me nuts too :)

  5. The new look is gorgeous! Love it!


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