Thursday, June 27, 2013

Meeting Amanda Adams!

So, can we talk about this really quick? 

EEE!!! How exciting right!? I had seen earlier this week that Amanda Adams was going to be in my neck of the woods and I knew I had to meet her. Last night I saw on Instagram that she was at a restaurant literally down the street from my house, so I knew I had to stop  by. She is adorable. She is just as sweet and genuine and you would imagine her to be, super down to earth, and of course beautiful! Talk about an exciting evening!! 

And, if you didn't already know- I'm going to be at the Olympia this year :) Sometimes I think I'm a crazy person because it is the weekend before my wedding, but it's an opportunity I can't pass up! 

What fitness personality would YOU like to meet? Amanda was definitely on the top of my list! 


  1. EEEK! I met Amanda at the Arnold this past year. Felt like meeting one of my own girl friends. She's even more beautiful and sweet in person. It was so nice to feel comfortable saying "Hey! I follow you" without being creepy haha

  2. Yay! That's SO exciting!! So lucky, she is such an inspiration!

  3. There are so many inspiring fitness personalities that I would love to meet but at the top of my list would be Bella Falconi or Amanda Latona. Such great ladies to follow! :)
    Glad you were able to meet yours! :)

  4. It's always nice when you meet someone you look up to and they actually live up to your expectations!! The Olympia sounds so exciting. My boyfriend and I are going to the Arnold next of these days we will get to the Olympia.

  5. I think Jamie Eason is a lovely person so I would like to meet her...and ok seriously I want to meet Jillian Michaels. I like that she is just who she is no matter the situation.

  6. Fun!! I've met her the past 2 years at the Arnold. She is such a sweetheart!


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