Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Update & #CleanEatsNoCheats Challenge!

I've been getting asked a lot about how the wedding planning is going, so I thought I'd do a little recap post to let you know where I am and give you the option to throw any more advice my way! (Always needed, of course.)

Dress- Bought and ordered. It should actually be here the first week of next month! So exciting.

Bridesmaids dresses- Also bought and ordered.

Guys attire- We know what they'll be wearing but haven't made any moves on this yet.

Stylist- I have my hair and makeup guy lined up, but I need to get a couple people for the girls too.

Catering- We have our last tasting in two weeks. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous because we haven't been overly impressed but my fingers are crossed.

Table settings/Centerpieces- At our tasting, they will have my tables set up exactly the way they'll look at the wedding. I'm super nervous about this too because I had to find a different centerpiece (because the ones I wanted were going to cost 1.9 bajillion dollars) so I really, really hope I like the new ones in person.

DJ- Check. DJ Rolemodel. Duh.

Wedding song & Singer- We booked a singer that I feel in love with in Sedona when we were there for my birthday and I couldn't be more excited about it. As for songs, we're struggling here. We have a processional and recessional song picked out, but nothing yet for first dance or Father/Daughter/Mother/Son. Suggestions welcomed! We don't really have "a song", well, I take that back- we do it's just highly inappropriate for our wedding. Wooops.

Cake- Blah. The least exciting part. I still need to book our tasting but we'll likely get that figured out this month. This is my idea of good cake...

Bach/elorette Party- In the works.

Officiant- Done. Super excited about this too.

All the little stuff- not done. My shoes, our wedding bands, decoration details like draping, name cards, menus, and at least 100 other things are not done. And I'm trying not to worry too much and just start chipping away at the list, and little by little we'll get there! (This is me being positive! ;) )

Our wedding date is October 5th which gives us 155 days to get it done! Eeek!

And last but not least, the #CleanEatsNoCheats Challenge! Let's commit to 3 weeks of compliance to get ready for bikini season! Comment below if you'll be joining me!! I'll be starting on Sunday when I'm back from vacation! 

Now, I do have to disclaimer this with saying I do NOT believe in crash diets or short term fixes, this is simply a way for us to all hold each other accountable and tighten up a little bit! We won't see drastic changes but I do promise if you stick to it for the full 3 weeks you will see some positive changes :)


  1. Hey

    This is exactly what I needed. Got three weeks into James' program, gained a lot of muscle really quickly, and got scared off. Which then was followed by me not eating. And when I do, it's sugar.

    I am standing up at my best friend's wedding June 8th. It's time to get serious.

    -Rachel @ painfreekitchen

  2. Wedding songs are hard to pick out! For my father/daughter dance, we danced to an acoustic, slowed down version of "Sweet Child o' Mine" by Guns N Roses. My dad really likes that generation of music so I tried to pick a song and find a version that was appropriate to dance to. I'd recommend finding a song you and your dad both like and then look for an acoustic version or cover!

  3. I love this idea!

    So.. to help with the wedding - as far as centerpieces go, I don't know your theme, but what about getting together the bridesmaids and making something fun from Michaels or Hobby Lobby? I made my own at my wedding, and it was tons cheaper and looked MUCH better. And even more fun was giving them away to one person at each table by the DJ during a game of "hot potato" :)

    Also, as far as the tasting, are you unimpressed because the caterer isn't clean enough, or the food is a bunch of stuff you don't normally eat/enjoy? If the invitations aren't printed yet, why not make it more of a cocktail type of wedding, with finger foods that can be chock-full of healthier appetizers/treats and serve your cake alcohol above with perhaps a smaller wedding cake? Just a thought :)

  4. Where is your wedding?

  5. Hello little b. Going to make my best effort to join u. i need something to get me back on track and it is so hard to do alone. Enjoy.the wedding planning xx ch

  6. My wedding is August 10th, and I'm definitely in! I'm on day five of a two-weeks no cheats, but I'm feeling so good and seeing/feeling such a difference already, I'm definitely up for an extension.

  7. (But I don't have instagram... so I'll do my best to keep up here and on facebook!)

  8. If you haven't done invites yet let me recommend I'm getting married at the end of Aug. and we ordered our through there and will also be getting our escort cards and programs printed from them as well. They have hundreds of templates for invites to suit any taste and they are SO cheap. Plus they have great customer service. I didn't like the paper I had initially chosen so they resent my whole order on a different finish no charge!

  9. What about invites? And also who is your officiant? We are getting married and I need some ideas, since you said you were excited about yours!!

  10. I am in on the 3 week chaleenge; but will be looking for support!! I know that I can do it and will feel so much better for doing it!!

  11. My wedding is next year...but I've been invited to 11 (yes...ELEVEN) weddings this summer and need to look good my best for all of them!

    I don't know if you have chosen a wedding photographer yet, but that's what I do for a living. I recently blogged about a few questions to ask potential photographers when you're looking at different ones. Maybe this will be helpful. Good luck with the planning!


  12. I'm in! So looking forward to accountability!

  13. Hey Little b! I'm in for the challenge! I'm too self conscience to post my pics on instagr though- I can't even post on JW's page yet! Can I still join in? Thanks!
    P.S. love your blog and recipes! You are a huge motivation and inspiration to me - thank you :-)

  14. I am in! Mine will go until June 15th though. Family Reunion and I need to trim down some fluff! :) Going to see if I can get my mom on board too! Thanks!

  15. Just posted my first picture for the challenge! Excited, I needed this little boost!
    Also, where did you get all your pretty sundresses in your pics from Napa?
    Glad you two had a great time!!

  16. I'm info for the challenge! I'll post a pic tonight! ;)

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