Monday, May 6, 2013

San Fran & Napa + #CleanEatsNoCheats

Our super awesome anniversary trip is over. Boo! We had a ridiculous time and B really spoiled us both with shopping, dinners and of course lots of wine! Here are few of my favorites!

Now it's really time to buckle down and get going with the #cleaneatsnocheats challenge! It's a little less than 3 weeks until Memorial Day weekend and I'm super excited to run around the beach in my bathing suit, and I'll be even more excited about it once this wine fluff is gone :) I'll be doing James Wilson's program weeks 6-8 along with super clean eats, lots of water and no alcohol! Make sure you're hash tagging with #cleaneatsnocheats so that we can all see how everyone's workouts and eats are going and we can hold each other accountable! I'm honestly so excited to completely kick my own butt and see how big of a change I can make.  Can't wait to see before and afters!

Unfortunately our flight home was delayed and I didn't have time to shop or prep so I'll be doing that tomorrow. Are you guys all prepped for the week? I want to know what you made! 


  1. Kaitlyn KutschkeMay 6, 2013 at 5:41 AM

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Such a good-looking couple! I'll be joining in on your #cleaneatsnocheats to get ready for the holiday weekend as well! Let's do this!

    To prepare yesterday I made roasted kobocha squash, sweet potato, asparagus, zuchini, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. Also washed my celery, lettuce and peppers for the week!

  2. Loooove your dress!! Where did it come from?

  3. Looks like a great anny trip, cute pics! I didn't finish prepping yesterday but I did manage to make turkey zucchini muffins, roasted sweet potatoes, green beans, brussel sprouts, zucchini and squash, hard boiled eggs and just need to finish my proteins today :)

  4. Amazing photos, looks like a wonderful time!!! I was planning to start my own little challenge for myself so this is pfect!!! I just moved to Vegas and def. wanna get myself in a bikini:)
    Since I don't do twitter or Instagram, I will just be checking your blog and watching you for inspiration. I did get 8 hrs sleep last night and prepped chicken... Lots of chicken. Veggies, sweet potatoes, etc. nothing super exciting, but yummy! Having egg whites and oats as we speak! Good luck to everyone!!

  5. I'll be joining the #cleaneatsnocheats challenge with you!! My bridal shower is June 2, so I need to lean out a little more for that!!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation!! I love your maxi dress, where did you get it??

  6. Your maxi dress is really cute! (you always look so cute!). I prepped and made zuchinni turkey burgers, crockpot salsa chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, and turkey pizza muffins.

  7. I'm in! for some reason, I can't comment on your blog from my phone... But you know i'm in :)
    I'm trying to get in 8 hours of sleep, does 7ish count? lol
    I cooked up some turkey burgers, chicken tenderloin, brussels sprouts, & asparagus over the weekend, the rest will be cooked as I go :)


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