Friday, May 17, 2013

MY #WhatsBeautiful Challenges and PRIZES!

So you all know I'm all about challenging myself and setting and reaching goals and this Fitfluential sponsored Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign did an amazing job of coming up with fun challenges to do. There are about 40 of them and I'm determined to complete each one, even though a lot of them will force me out of my comfort zone... and I'm thinking that maybe, there just might be a few of you out there that want to do it with me?

You can check out all the challenges here and I was thinking I would pick a few and set a goal to achieve those few within a weeks time. Then, pick a few new ones for the next week. Sound good?

Now here's the fun part. In addition to all the great prizes you'll be eligible for just by signing up and completing the challenges through Under Armour, I'm going to up the ante a little bit.

When you complete each challenge, you need to upload the photo to Instagram and tag me (@littlebblog) as well as use the hashtags #IWILL, #Whatsbeautiful, and #Littlebchallenge. (I know, that's a lot). Then of course you'll also upload the picture under the challenge on the What's Beautiful site. Once we have made it through all of them (or as many as we can) I'm going to search the hashtags and choose some of my own winners!

One person will receive a piece of UA swag (TBD) and three more of you will receive a tank top from Firedaughter Clothing!

So, shall we get started? Here are the challenges for this week, I'll do a recap post every Friday and post the new challenges then!

For challenge 1 it's obviously a video, so you can just comment below letting me know you did it and it's uploaded to your What's Beautiful profile and I'll be sure to count those in the entries. 

Also, on this page each of the challenge names are a link so that you can see all the other photos and videos that have been uploaded for that challenge, in case you need a little inspiration! 

I'm so excited for these, let me know if you're in! (PS you don't have to do them all to qualify for the prizes!)


  1. Madison H from KY completed #1!!!!

  2. I'm in girl! Will upload to IG- my IG name is fitnessandthecity

    Wohooo!! xoJenna

  3. Heather B from TX completed #1!

  4. I like this section of your post where you post all your challenges. They inspires me allot to stay fit.

  5. Thanks for sharing this contest!


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