Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & 1 Week Check In!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had a great relaxing weekend and was able to catch up on wedding stuff and made a (small) dent in my NASM book. B and I thought about going out for sushi on Friday night, but we both admitted that there would be a huge temptation to order our favorite saki and we're both committed to the #CleanEatsNoCheats challenged, so we grilled up some bison burgers instead :) 

Yesterday we had so much fun with our families- The girls got pedicures while the guys golfed and then we all met up for lunch afterwards. I went with a chicken fajita salad no dressing and just used the salsa as dressing, and a water on the side! 

I want to hear about your weekends and how you were able to stick to the challenge! Only about 12 days left until Memorial Day Weekend! 


  1. Every time you post a pic of your mom, I can't believe how much you 2 look alike and like sisters!

    Just like you, holidays and weekends are always tempting for a little something extra (of the alcohol variety.) My parents and I went to a new restaurant in our area and while I did get tempted by the drink menu, I stuck with water and was happy that I did. I also got a greek salad, no feta and dressing on the side. While it's not that exciting, I went to bed happy and not regretting a thing! The most important part of my day was spending time with my mom and that was accomplished!

  2. where did u get your dress? super cute.

  3. I just started doing #CleanEatsNoCheats today... wish I started earlier, but it's ok! I learned today that I'll be heading to the beach for Memorial Day. Can't wait, but now I'm so nervous! Looking forward to the challenge... and trying more of your recipes!

    - Christine

  4. I'm proud to say I'm still 100% #cleaneatsnocheats!!! Temptations this weekend included my husband's homemade chocolate chip cookies and his chili cheese Fritos; OMG those smelled so good I had to take a big whiff of the bag, but did not partake and stuck to my plan. It was hard but I focused on my commitment and kept looking at MFP to reiterate to myself my macros and my parameters and stuck to it. I can now see that the weekends will be hardest as there is less structure for me, but I know I can do it and just have to focus on how proud I felt of myself on both Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning for sticking to my goals.

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  6. I think the dress is from have the same one


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