Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MDW Fun & #WhatsBeautiful Week 2 Challenges!

Wheewww. Already Wednesday, eh? 

I'm not sure where the last 7 days went, but... they're gone! I honestly feel like I'm going to blink and this summer is going to be over and Fall will be here. And when Fall is here, the wedding is here. And my PT certification test. And the Olympia. OMG. 

This is why I HAVE to break things down into small goals because writing that paragraph above just made me have slight heart palpitations. First things first: enjoy every minute of the rest of this insanely crazy year.

I did just that with some of my favorite people this weekend in LA! Here are some highlights covering everything from saki dinners, to strolls on the beach, visiting the most BEAUTIFUL resort, and lovin' on B :) 

And now, we're on to week 2 of the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenges! My favorite challenge from last week was definitely the Queen Burpee challenge, did you guys check out my video? If not, make sure you do and make sure you challenge yourself to beat me! Since it's a short week and I'm late on posting this, we'll just do two easy challenges this week:

Can't wait to see your pics! 

Also, I just wanted to congratulate everyone that participated in #cleaneatsnocheats! I did something sooo dumb and accidentely deleted my before photo's on my phone. I know. Dumb. But I know that I did do a great job of staying on track and I feel a miiiillion times better than I did when we got back from Napa, so it's not a total loss!  

Did you do anything fun this Memorial Day Weekend? 
How many burped to chin-ups can you do? PROVE IT! :) 


  1. Hi Little B! I feel stupid but I can't find your burpee challenge - when I click on "Queen Burpee" it just links to a bunch of other people's videos - am I doing something wrong? Glad you had a great mini vacacation! :)

    1. Here you go, I stuck it on youtube :)

  2. Truly an inspiration Little B! What PT cert are you taking?

  3. Just watched your burpee challenge, it makes me hurt just watching. Awesome job!

  4. Holy cow! I'm not sure I could lift up on the bar :) That was awesome.


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