Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just Be Your Best You.

First, I just have to say how freakin' motivational this Under Armour campaign is and how much I love it. If you haven't been on the site yet, it's a must see-- hundreds and hundreds of women ALL working toward health and fitness goals together. Talk about motivation! Here's my burpee video since the link wasn't working yesterday:

Anyway, I just wanted to take a minute to touch on something that I've noticed as of late and I think it needs to be addressed.

Friends, I've said it before and I'll say it again- there is a big difference between the way I eat to prepare for a photo shoot and the way I eat on a normal basis. And, this doesn't just apply to me, it applies to anyone who diets down for a photo shoot or fitness competition. It gives me big time anxiety when someone comments or asks a question on a blog post or Instagram photo that was done during my prep and is comparing themselves to what I was doing then. Sure, if you want to lean up you probably should be extra aware of calories and macros, maybe limit your fruit, cut protein powders blah blah blah-- all the "standard" industry how to's. But if you're just a normal person looking to be healthy and look great in normal life, then eat a freakin strawberry and don't worry about it!

I always try to be as transparent as possible but I realize as I write this that there are things that I do that I need to start being more aware of so that I can share them with you guys. For example, when we were out of town this weekend we ate out every meal. One day for breakfast I ordered an omelette with a side of potatoes (yes, white potatoes) and corn tortillas. Guess what? I ate the tortillas AND the potatoes! Then the next day, I got an egg white scramble of some sort and it came with fruit too. Guess what? I ate it! Strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, and cantelope- all the most sugary fruits you can think of and I lived to tell about it. Not to mention, I didn't come back full of body fat, in fact, I feel awesome!

I know I've given the "standard" industry advice to people who ask about leaning out, and we all know I've taken the advice myself because well, it works. But this is NOT how I live my normal life. I am very good about keeping my eats clean, and I'm very good at tracking macros, and making sure I hit the nail on the head pretty much every day. But it's not 100% of the time because I don't need to look like a fitness model 100% of the time.

One of my big goals in this coming year is to NOT have to diet down at all. It would be great to maybe add in a couple extra sessions of cardio and maybe slightly decrease carb intake to get ready for a big shoot or something special. Personally, I think this just takes time and a very good amount of muscle mass to be able to do and that is what I'm working so hard for.

So please, I'm begging you, get out of this "I'm going to eat and do what this competitor eats and does every single day so that I can look exactly like her" mode, because chances are she doesn't do that day in and day out either, and you're just setting yourself up for failure. This is a lifestyle change and it's one you want to, and can be, successful at if you approach it with the right mindset!

Do you ever get the feeling that you're doing something horribly wrong just because you're not sticking to the "fitness lifesyle" 100%?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MDW Fun & #WhatsBeautiful Week 2 Challenges!

Wheewww. Already Wednesday, eh? 

I'm not sure where the last 7 days went, but... they're gone! I honestly feel like I'm going to blink and this summer is going to be over and Fall will be here. And when Fall is here, the wedding is here. And my PT certification test. And the Olympia. OMG. 

This is why I HAVE to break things down into small goals because writing that paragraph above just made me have slight heart palpitations. First things first: enjoy every minute of the rest of this insanely crazy year.

I did just that with some of my favorite people this weekend in LA! Here are some highlights covering everything from saki dinners, to strolls on the beach, visiting the most BEAUTIFUL resort, and lovin' on B :) 

And now, we're on to week 2 of the Under Armour What's Beautiful Challenges! My favorite challenge from last week was definitely the Queen Burpee challenge, did you guys check out my video? If not, make sure you do and make sure you challenge yourself to beat me! Since it's a short week and I'm late on posting this, we'll just do two easy challenges this week:

Can't wait to see your pics! 

Also, I just wanted to congratulate everyone that participated in #cleaneatsnocheats! I did something sooo dumb and accidentely deleted my before photo's on my phone. I know. Dumb. But I know that I did do a great job of staying on track and I feel a miiiillion times better than I did when we got back from Napa, so it's not a total loss!  

Did you do anything fun this Memorial Day Weekend? 
How many burped to chin-ups can you do? PROVE IT! :) 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2 Sweet Post Workout Meals

So I think I'm a little excited for my beach vacay this weekend (even though I checked the weather last night and it's going to be COLD! grr.) and I completely spaced on the fact that yesterday was Tuesday. Since I don't have a WIAW to share, I thought I would share a couple of my new favorite post workout snacks and meals! 

The first one is super simple, well they both are. 


1. Place 1/4 cup blueberries in the microwave for 25 seconds
2. Add 1 small scoop of Kal Stevia
3. Spread non fat Greek Yogurt on a rice cake and then add your blueberry "syrup" on top. 

That's it! I usually have one or two of these along with a protein shake immediately after my workout. And, if you're a cinnamon lover like me, you can add that on top too! 

This second one is the one I've been most recently obsessed with and actually just finished eating it a minute ago. It may sound a little strange, but trust me it's awesome. 

- 4-5oz Yams, cubed and cooked
- 4-5 egg whites
- 1T vegan carob chips (or dark chocolate chips would work too) 

1. Spray pan with non stick spray and allow to heat. 
2. Once pan is hot add your yams and egg whites and cook like a pancake. About a minute before you're ready to flip, add 1/2 T carob chips on top. 
3. Flip the mixture and then add the rest of the carob chips. Cook until egg whites are cooked through. 
4.Top with Cinnamon and Stevia! This would also be good topped with a little sugar free syrup, but I try to limit that because it's unfortunately sweetened with sucralose. 

Both of these are great because they have protein and fast acting carbs which will help carry the protein to the muscles quickly after your workout! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

VLOG: The trick to staying on track!

How are you doing with #Cleaneatsnocheats!? Here's my little update! Also, I'm often asked how I resist temptation and stay on track with clean eating-- so in this video I share my little trick!

PS- Sorry this is so dark!! I didn't realize how much of a glare there was until I was done. Boo. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

MY #WhatsBeautiful Challenges and PRIZES!

So you all know I'm all about challenging myself and setting and reaching goals and this Fitfluential sponsored Under Armour What's Beautiful campaign did an amazing job of coming up with fun challenges to do. There are about 40 of them and I'm determined to complete each one, even though a lot of them will force me out of my comfort zone... and I'm thinking that maybe, there just might be a few of you out there that want to do it with me?

You can check out all the challenges here and I was thinking I would pick a few and set a goal to achieve those few within a weeks time. Then, pick a few new ones for the next week. Sound good?

Now here's the fun part. In addition to all the great prizes you'll be eligible for just by signing up and completing the challenges through Under Armour, I'm going to up the ante a little bit.

When you complete each challenge, you need to upload the photo to Instagram and tag me (@littlebblog) as well as use the hashtags #IWILL, #Whatsbeautiful, and #Littlebchallenge. (I know, that's a lot). Then of course you'll also upload the picture under the challenge on the What's Beautiful site. Once we have made it through all of them (or as many as we can) I'm going to search the hashtags and choose some of my own winners!

One person will receive a piece of UA swag (TBD) and three more of you will receive a tank top from Firedaughter Clothing!

So, shall we get started? Here are the challenges for this week, I'll do a recap post every Friday and post the new challenges then!

For challenge 1 it's obviously a video, so you can just comment below letting me know you did it and it's uploaded to your What's Beautiful profile and I'll be sure to count those in the entries. 

Also, on this page each of the challenge names are a link so that you can see all the other photos and videos that have been uploaded for that challenge, in case you need a little inspiration! 

I'm so excited for these, let me know if you're in! (PS you don't have to do them all to qualify for the prizes!)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday

I was perusing Instagram last night and noticed that the #CleanEatsNoCheats hashtag has over 275 photos! How exciting and inspiring! I loooove looking through them all every day and seeing everyones progress and clean eats, it's truly motivational. If you haven't joined yet or haven't been uploading photo's I highly encourage it! 

I've been sticking to clean eats this week and actually slightly tapering calories UP since doing my 24 hour burn on Monday (more on that in another post). I've also been incorporating in some older recipes in to our dinners this week and it's been so fun! Sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a rut and all it takes is a quick glance through my own recipe page for a little inspiration :)

(No recipe... maybe next week?)

A note on this: I read a blog that said if you put frozen veggies in with the chicken they wont get mushy. Well, this blog was wrong. MUSH. Oh, well. 

I hadn't made this pizza in FOREVER and when I was done making it last night, I remembered why. It's kind of a longer process in comparison to the turkey crust pizza and they honestly don't taste that different. I made one side chicken/pepperoni/onion/mushroom and the other was homemade pesto/chicken/onion/mozzarella. It was worth it, but only because I didn't have to do the dishes ;) 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day & 1 Week Check In!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had a great relaxing weekend and was able to catch up on wedding stuff and made a (small) dent in my NASM book. B and I thought about going out for sushi on Friday night, but we both admitted that there would be a huge temptation to order our favorite saki and we're both committed to the #CleanEatsNoCheats challenged, so we grilled up some bison burgers instead :) 

Yesterday we had so much fun with our families- The girls got pedicures while the guys golfed and then we all met up for lunch afterwards. I went with a chicken fajita salad no dressing and just used the salsa as dressing, and a water on the side! 

I want to hear about your weekends and how you were able to stick to the challenge! Only about 12 days left until Memorial Day Weekend! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Under Armour What's Beautiful 3.0

If you follow Fitfluential (which you should!) you may have already seen some talk about the sponsored Under Armour What's Beautiful 3.0 campaign, and I'm super excited to be a part of it! Basically, Under Armour is taking over the world. Just kidding, but they are doing something really amazing. This campaign is all about empowerment and achieving your goals- which are both right up my alley. 

From the What's Beautiful website:

Together we're redefining the female athlete by setting epic goals and pushing past where we've ever been and where we thought we could go. Join us. Set your own personal goal. Then document your journey by posting videos and photos that tell your story from start to victory.
We'll continuously post challenges for you. But that's just the beginning. Show us your journey. Show us what makes your story the one that stands out from the rest. If you meet your goal, set a new one. Make it even bigger. Prove to everyone, and yourself, that you have more than what it takes.
So what does this mean for you? I means you have to join me! I've already declared a goal which you can also check out on my profile here
I know a lot of us are part of a smaller goal right now in the #CleanEatsNoCheats challenge, but this is time step it up a notch. Think of the idea or thought you've had in the back of your head and turn that thought into a reality. There has never been a better time, and hey, you would win a trip to Costa Rica for achieving your goal. Each week, UA will be giving away swag bags full of fun stuff and after 8 weeks they'll announce 10 finalists know have been motivational in reaching their goals. Then, 3 winners will be chosen for the trip! Doesn't get any better than that! 
Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instgram (and all the other Fitfluential Ambassadors too) for the hastags #IWILL and #WhatsBeautiful so you can keep up on everyone's challenges throughout the campaign. I'll be uploading photo's of all my little achievements and strides toward my big goal. A few of the things I'd like to accomplish are 10 unassisted wide grip pull ups, revealing my abs (for the first time ever), and squatting 125 lbs 8 times. 
If you're ready join or just want to learn a little more about the campaign, click here! If you do join, comment below and let me know so I can follow and support you! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIAW + #CleanEatsNoCheats Update!

Day 3!! Woohoo! I'd love to hear how everyone is doing sticking to your goals in the #cleaneatsnocheats challenge! I am LOVING seeing everyone's photos on Instagram it's so inspiring knowing so many people have the same goals.

As far as myself, I'm doing good sticking to my "meal plan" even though its not really a strict plan- more so sticking to calorie and macro goals. I will admit I'm feeling like I have a fair amount of work to do before I put on a bathing suit! It's funny how alcohol works in your body... When I came back from my trip on Sunday I actually didn't feel too bad. You'll see in my "before" photos I still have a decent amount of leanness and don't look like I have too too much work to do. Well, alcohol likes to dehydrate you which gives you a false sense of "all this food and alcohol I've been having hasn't done too much damage" syndrome. HOWEVER, once you start rehydrating your body doesn't trust you anymore so it starts holding on to water like crazy. That on top of that wonderful time of the month coming up and I'm feeling that puffiness again. That's okay though, it's well deserved and I know I'll bounce back here shortly :)

Here are a few of my eats from yesterday!

M1- the usual 4-5 oz yams scrambled up with egg whites and veggies
M2- green protein shake and a fun little concoction I threw together of yams and Greek yogurt with cinnamon and Stevia. Super yum.
M3- egg white muffins and almonds. This time I just left my veggies chunky instead of blending them up.
M4- taco seasoned turkey with lettuce, avocado and hot sauce.
M5-(no pic) grilled chicken with Brussel sprouts and green beans.
M6- James Wilson's Amazeballs which were pretty much Jamie Eason turkey muffins with an Italian twist.

These were super good but I had a serious issue. I made half with cottage cheese in the middle and half with skim mozzarella cheese. Wellll much to my surprise once they were cooked they looked exactly the same! So, what did I do? I made my best educated guess and went with it.

I was wrong.


Monday, May 6, 2013

San Fran & Napa + #CleanEatsNoCheats

Our super awesome anniversary trip is over. Boo! We had a ridiculous time and B really spoiled us both with shopping, dinners and of course lots of wine! Here are few of my favorites!

Now it's really time to buckle down and get going with the #cleaneatsnocheats challenge! It's a little less than 3 weeks until Memorial Day weekend and I'm super excited to run around the beach in my bathing suit, and I'll be even more excited about it once this wine fluff is gone :) I'll be doing James Wilson's program weeks 6-8 along with super clean eats, lots of water and no alcohol! Make sure you're hash tagging with #cleaneatsnocheats so that we can all see how everyone's workouts and eats are going and we can hold each other accountable! I'm honestly so excited to completely kick my own butt and see how big of a change I can make.  Can't wait to see before and afters!

Unfortunately our flight home was delayed and I didn't have time to shop or prep so I'll be doing that tomorrow. Are you guys all prepped for the week? I want to know what you made! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Update & #CleanEatsNoCheats Challenge!

I've been getting asked a lot about how the wedding planning is going, so I thought I'd do a little recap post to let you know where I am and give you the option to throw any more advice my way! (Always needed, of course.)

Dress- Bought and ordered. It should actually be here the first week of next month! So exciting.

Bridesmaids dresses- Also bought and ordered.

Guys attire- We know what they'll be wearing but haven't made any moves on this yet.

Stylist- I have my hair and makeup guy lined up, but I need to get a couple people for the girls too.

Catering- We have our last tasting in two weeks. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous because we haven't been overly impressed but my fingers are crossed.

Table settings/Centerpieces- At our tasting, they will have my tables set up exactly the way they'll look at the wedding. I'm super nervous about this too because I had to find a different centerpiece (because the ones I wanted were going to cost 1.9 bajillion dollars) so I really, really hope I like the new ones in person.

DJ- Check. DJ Rolemodel. Duh.

Wedding song & Singer- We booked a singer that I feel in love with in Sedona when we were there for my birthday and I couldn't be more excited about it. As for songs, we're struggling here. We have a processional and recessional song picked out, but nothing yet for first dance or Father/Daughter/Mother/Son. Suggestions welcomed! We don't really have "a song", well, I take that back- we do it's just highly inappropriate for our wedding. Wooops.

Cake- Blah. The least exciting part. I still need to book our tasting but we'll likely get that figured out this month. This is my idea of good cake...

Bach/elorette Party- In the works.

Officiant- Done. Super excited about this too.

All the little stuff- not done. My shoes, our wedding bands, decoration details like draping, name cards, menus, and at least 100 other things are not done. And I'm trying not to worry too much and just start chipping away at the list, and little by little we'll get there! (This is me being positive! ;) )

Our wedding date is October 5th which gives us 155 days to get it done! Eeek!

And last but not least, the #CleanEatsNoCheats Challenge! Let's commit to 3 weeks of compliance to get ready for bikini season! Comment below if you'll be joining me!! I'll be starting on Sunday when I'm back from vacation! 

Now, I do have to disclaimer this with saying I do NOT believe in crash diets or short term fixes, this is simply a way for us to all hold each other accountable and tighten up a little bit! We won't see drastic changes but I do promise if you stick to it for the full 3 weeks you will see some positive changes :)

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