Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Coachella Adventure!

I'm officially back from Coachella and (mostly) alive! It's definitely taken a couple days to readjust to normal life and they haven't been the most fun couple of days, but I would redo everything in a heart beat so it was totally worth it! The festival was amazing and I can't stop looking through all my photos again and again. I know some of you have asked about what the food was like and whether I worked out etc. so here's a quick snapshot: 

- Bringing food in was 100% impossible. They check your bags and your body like crazy people so that was out of the question. 
- I did find a couple good options on the grounds- there was a taco place with grilled chicken tacos on corn tortillas. I had those the first day and they were awesome. We also found a place that was doing barbecue chicken plates with a fresh salad and sweet potato fries, and they were able to do it all with no dressing or sauces, so I had grilled chicken salads on days 2 and 3. 
- Much to my surprise, I actually ended up completely under eating the whole time I was there. In fact on the second day I'm pretty sure I only ate twice all day which as you know, is completely insane for me. It was just super hot, and super crazy and honestly eating was just the furthest thing from my mind. I did however drink like 900,000 water bottles (and kept the booze to a minimum, again, surprisingly!). 
- We had a mile bike ride each way into the festival and back home, so I ended up doing about 4 miles a day- hence why my calves feel like they're about to fall off. 

Since we've been back, my tonsils have been the size of golf balls and my appetite has been non existent. I had every intention of doing a What I ate Wednesday post today but my eats yesterday were pretty pathetic so I just decided to skip it! B and I set our alarm for our usual 4:45am wake up time yesterday and when the alarm went off we both pretty much just laughed and went right back to sleep. Our bodies were in desperate need of a good 10 hour sleep, so that's what we did! I feel a MILLION times better today and was so excited to hit the gym this morning- the only lingering side effect I have now (besides the overwhelming desire to do it all again) is this throat thing I have going on and still a lack of appetite which I'm contributing to the fact that my metabolism is probably shot, so I'll be working on that the next few weeks! :) 


  1. Love your look! Is the high waist thing in again? Its the most flattering look on me lol.

  2. Beautiful pictures, and might I say your arms look great! Okay so I had a question about protein powders. So I want a good protein powder for cooking which one do you like best for desserts, non sweet baked items, and etc. I'm not to into sucralose, but if i have to then I will, because i'd rather eat that then something worst.
    thanks :)

  3. I'm glad you realize that looking fit does not always equate to being healthy. Sometimes the quest for fitness can become an unhealthy obsession. Skipping meals and overextending your body's resilience, is no wonder why you're getting sick twice in a month. You're right to listen to your body. That said, you look beautiful! Rest up, eat up, noting bad will happen. You'll still be beautiful...and even healthier!


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