Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Green What I Ate Wednesday

Know what I love about Wednesday? Particularly this Wednesday? It means that tomorrow is Thursday and that is the day we leave for Coachella!!! I know I've only talked about it like 101 times, but I'm so insanely excited. I looked in to the food situation there and to my surprise, there is a fresh farmers market, and even a sit down restaurant. They also specifically mention on the site that there are vegan and gluten free options everywhere which is music to my ears. I'm still going to buy some Quest bars today, and probably bring some breakfast muffins and nuts but other than that I'm not going to worry too much about food. This is a weekend meant to be wild and carefree that is exactly what I plan on doing. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind. (Bahaha, Let's be honest- I never do that. Gives me a rash.)

Until then however, clean clean clean! I was super happy that I greens in to almost every meal yesterday. 

M1- egg whites and yams
M2- Green protein shake
M3- egg white muffins and an almond flour pumpkin muffin (these were an experiment and they are freakin' amazing. Recipe should be up next week!)
M4- Taco salad with turkey taco meat, spinach, avocado, and hot sauce. 
M5- Leftovers from last night- ground turkey, chicken sausage, zucchini, tomato, onion, and mushrooms. 
M6- Grilled chicken and veggies 

How are you doing at getting in your greens? 


  1. For the chicken sausage what brand is a good clean option the alfresco? Or is there another better one I wanna make sautéed cabbage with it .

  2. I have been craving greens like crazy lately! Last night I made spaghetti squash and threw some sauteed kale and broccolini in there with pine nuts, feta and tomatoes.

  3. I know you've been looking forward to Coachella - glad its here!! I wonder what celebs you might see?? Ive been doing great with my intake of greens - they are in 4 of my 6 meals of the day :)

  4. Oh girl! I am so trying your green egg puff things! YUM! I'm thinking I need to eat more protein....where do you find you do most of your shopping?


    1. Mostly at the regular grocery store, then I just get a few items from Sprouts.

  5. I blend spinach and egg whites and cook like sxramed eggs ! thanks for the idea :)

  6. WOOO HOOO! Coachella! Have so much fun! And take lots of pictures for us!

  7. I eat veggies all day...breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. :0)

  8. I prefer veggies... they are light and easy to digest .

  9. I tend to add spinach to almost everything. My latest favorite combo is zucchini, chicken breast, and avocado with a little hot sauce and sometimes some fresh jalapenos.


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