Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I ate Wednesday- Almost Vegas Time!

What I ate Wednesday is back! Like I mentioned earlier this week, my foods aren't changing drastically to prevent my body from freaking out, but things are a liiiitle different. 

I started the day with egg whites, asparagus, and yams. Everything was topped with low sugar ketchup which I have missed dearly. 

Post workout I had my amazing yam protein pancakes. Can't give these guys up yet even though I miss my protein shakes! 

Morning snack was my egg white muffins with almonds. PS I know you all want the recipe for the muffins, but you just gotta give me time to get that one up, it's coming I promise!

I met a friend for lunch today at Chop Shop... you should click on the link and check out their menu. And then be jealous there ins't one near you :) I got the chicken protein plate, no rice, double veggies. My friend got the same thing and ate maybe half.... I devoured my entire plate. Oh my gosh it was amazing. 

[I had a salad topped with taco seasoned turkey, avocado and cholula in the afternoon, but totally failed at taking a pic]

And lastly, I decided to go for sweet egg whites instead of the usual savory for my last meal. This is just egg whites mixed with Kal Stevia and cinnamon and I cooked them like one big pancake. Then I added peanut butter and rolled it up! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. 

This was this morning after my shoulders, abs, and sprints workout. The one place I always notice "pops" the most when I'm lean is my arms! I even got complimented on them today at the gym, and that always feels awesome :) 

PS have you entered Christina's Eat Clean Diet book giveaway? You should! I love these books and draw inspiration from them all the time! 


  1. I love the egg roll up idea - I'll have to try that! And yes, your arms are bangin' girlfriend!!

  2. i can't seem to find the recipe for the yam protein pancakes.. can you post it?!


    Just add 3oz of yams and 6 egg whites
    cook like a pancake and eat. So yummy!

    I put no sugar syrup and sprinkle cinnamon. Mmmmmm
    Brittany got me hooked on these.

  4. Oh my goodness!! I MUST eat at the Chop Shop when I'm home to visit in May!! What a GEM!

  5. I would have devoured that too. Looks yummy!

  6. Your shoulders and arms look so great Little B(along w/ the rest of you but I can't see that in this photo) :). Looking forward to seeing your photo shoot pics!

  7. OMG! I am OBSESSED with Chop Shop! I stayed in Phoenix for a weekend in February and went there both Friday and Saturday. Wanted to go again on Sunday but controlled myself. When I move to Phoenix in 90 days I will have to try to stop myself from going every week.
    Looking amazing B!

  8. I am ALL about trying new egg white recipes and this would be totally different so I'll give it a try! I obsess over other peoples arms at the gym - in a non-creepy, I'm married with a Mom of two boys kinda way ;) Yours look great!


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