Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video Diary + Before & After Pics!

Thank you all for being patient with me, I meant to get this up earlier but it's been a crazy week! I also have to thank you for all the well wishes they really meant the world to me :) Here's my little video clip from the day of my shoot!

And here are some before and afters... The before were taken January 2nd right after our last holiday vacation and the afters were the day before my shoot. When I put these side by side I was shocked!! I didn't feel like it, but I was definitely suffering from bulking syndrome haha :) Also known as less gym and more alcohol syndrome. What surprised me the most was the difference in my arms, crazy! 

Although I know I can't stay as lean as I am in the pink sports bra, I'm excited to stay on the leaner side throughout the summer. I'll be incorporating cardio 4-5 days a week for 12-20 minutes, but I'll slowly bump my calories back up to the 1500 range. I'll post another progress pic in about a month to see what I look like in comparison to these two photos. 

I have to give a huge thank you to James Wilson, not only for creating an awesome program, but for CARING so much and being a great support through this! Love that guy! 

I should have my photo shoot photo's back soon, can't wait to share! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I ate Wednesday- Almost Vegas Time!

What I ate Wednesday is back! Like I mentioned earlier this week, my foods aren't changing drastically to prevent my body from freaking out, but things are a liiiitle different. 

I started the day with egg whites, asparagus, and yams. Everything was topped with low sugar ketchup which I have missed dearly. 

Post workout I had my amazing yam protein pancakes. Can't give these guys up yet even though I miss my protein shakes! 

Morning snack was my egg white muffins with almonds. PS I know you all want the recipe for the muffins, but you just gotta give me time to get that one up, it's coming I promise!

I met a friend for lunch today at Chop Shop... you should click on the link and check out their menu. And then be jealous there ins't one near you :) I got the chicken protein plate, no rice, double veggies. My friend got the same thing and ate maybe half.... I devoured my entire plate. Oh my gosh it was amazing. 

[I had a salad topped with taco seasoned turkey, avocado and cholula in the afternoon, but totally failed at taking a pic]

And lastly, I decided to go for sweet egg whites instead of the usual savory for my last meal. This is just egg whites mixed with Kal Stevia and cinnamon and I cooked them like one big pancake. Then I added peanut butter and rolled it up! Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. 

This was this morning after my shoulders, abs, and sprints workout. The one place I always notice "pops" the most when I'm lean is my arms! I even got complimented on them today at the gym, and that always feels awesome :) 

PS have you entered Christina's Eat Clean Diet book giveaway? You should! I love these books and draw inspiration from them all the time! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Post Shoot Food Prep

I did it! Shoot number 2 is in the books! Feels so good to have achieved that goal, I felt like I walked out of the gym yesterday and a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and a big check mark was added to my bucket list. It was an amazing day all around and I'm hoping to get my recap of it up tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, here's what I prepped last night for this week: 

Left to right: Sweet potato pancakes, brown rice noodle lasagna (for B), baked green beans and asparagus, salsa chicken, broccoli egg white muffins (recipe to come), and yams. 

Nothing too crazy huh? Well, there are two reasons for that. Reason 1 is since I've been in "diet mode" for the past 2-3 weeks, I can't jump right back in to eating "normally". My body would produce tons of fat stores if I jumped that quickly. So instead, just as I eased in to photo shoot prep, I have to ease back out of it. This week I'm bumping my calories up slightly but I'm going to stick to mainly yams for my carbs. Reason 2 is because I leave for Vegas on Friday for Monika's bachelorette party! We have lots of pool time in our near future so I want to keep it tight!

 Workouts this week will be typical James Wilson workouts- Today was leg day and I felt great after my huge dinner last night. I thought for sure all the sodium would fog my ab definition, but much to my surprise my core wasn't looking too bad this morning :) Have a great week everyone! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Shoot Prep- Meals!

Don't get too excited about this post! It's my food, as promised but it's nothing to write home about :) Like I mentioned in my vlog, my food has basically been yams like crazy, chicken, turkey, and egg whites. On Friday and Saturday I get to increase my yams and eat a crazy amount of carbs to fill my flat little muscles out before the shoot and let me tell you... I. am. stoked. 

I've been making my pre and post workout pancakes the night before and then just heating them up in the morning. It's funny how after a while of "prep diet" you actually start looking forward to these foods that any other time would be totally boring. Oats and pancakes are not even on my mind anymore, I just get excited for these!

My morning snack has been these egg white muffins-- they're literally just egg whites and broccoli blended and then baked. And topped with hot sauce, of course. 

Lunch has been chicken and veggies- I think this pic is from a couple weeks ago because there are a few little carrots in there. Carrots have been no where in site these last 10 days. 

Then a little turkey with avocado and more veggies. I actually just mixed this all together and topped with hot sauce and it was pretty darn good. 

Here's another version of my afternoon meal- Chicken, almonds and good ol' green beans. Notice the addition of the mustard... getting crazy! 

I was eating my beloved coconut peanut butter ice cream before bed, but that had to go so it's been replaced with frozen egg whites. I actually use all the same ingredients just sub the pasteurized egg whites for the cottage cheese. 

And there you have it folks. Don't starve yourself to get lean- lots of lean meats, veggies, healthy fats, and YAMS! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photo Shoot Update Vlog

Quick little ramble about my photo shoot and what I'm doing to prepare!
Two things before you watch this: 
1. Somehow my audio gets off track about halfway through, so it looks really funny! Don't know what happened but I suggest just listening, no need to watch ;) 
2. I say UM way too much. Reallllly gotta work on that! 

Don't forget to let me know if you want me to shoot some video the day of, and let me know what you'd like to see! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cardio & Sweet Potato Pancakes

It's no secret, cardio is not my favorite thing to do. I could lift weights all day every day but the second you put me on a treadmill I'd suddenly rather be anywhere else. It's funny because I used to be the queen of cardio because that's all I was ever comfortable with doing... How silly! Anyway, I'm writing this because guess what I got up and did for a whole 25 minutes today? Yep. Cardio.

As much as I hate it there's no denying it works wonders when trying to cut down and reveal muscle. I always keep my cardio at the bare minimum which allows me to not have to do a whole lot when something important comes around. I plan on talking about this subject in a vlog after my shoot so stay tuned! Here's a post cardio pic- and look, I was even kinda smiling! I have to admit, I felt great afterwards...

After my cardio this morning it was time to refuel and I have to admit, yams are sounding less and less appealing lately so I needed to switch it up a bit. Instead of this

I had these! 

And guess what? They're exactly the same thing! Tricked myself into thinking I was eating a nice big stack of my favorite pumpkin pancakes with lots of Greek yogurt and syrup on top... Okay let's be real there were no tricks involved, BUT these were pretty darn tasty, and SO easy. Literally this is just 4 oz yams (cooked) 4 egg whites, cinnamon, and Kal Stevia. That's it! They were sweet and filling-- perfect! 

Any other cardio lovers or haters out there? 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend of Temptations and Paleo-ish Food Prep

Hooooow is it Monday already!? And how is March nearly half way over? Crazy. I am pretty excited for the next two weeks to fly by because not only will I be able to eat as many dang carbs as I want, but I am going to Vegas at the end of the month, and then Coachella in April! Couldn't be more pumped. Anyway, back to reality... 

I mentioned on Friday I was going to have sushi since I totally deserved it, and I just thought I would share my view throughout dinner. Not sure if I've shared this, but I've only drank one time since January 1st. Not that I'm a huge drinker, but I love my wine and I miss it! I sat and stared at the bar while I was eating my sushi and ooooh boy did I want to order something. BUT. I didn't. 

Instead I sucked down lemon water and devoured my favorite roll, the Sunkist with no mayo and wrapped in cucumber. SO good. So stinkin' good. 

Saturday we had a little movie night with my future brother in-law and nephew and here were our dinners. 

A perk of having a significant other that eats clean 70% of the time is I don't have to keep any junk food in the house whatsoever. The downside? The times he takes advantage of that 30% while I'm in measure food mode. This greasy nasty looking pizza smelled so good... but getting my abs to pop just sounded a little bit better. 

And of course last but not least, food prep Sunday! Look familiar? That's because it's basically exactly the same as last week, and will probably be exactly the same as next week. Unfortunately leaning out means boring foods which means boring food prep. Just give me two weeks and I'll be back with fun recipes and food preps, promise!! 

Make it a great week!! 

What do you do when you are tempted? Give in? Give in a little? or Flight it? For me, it all depends on my goals at the time! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stop Comparing!

Just a quick video on a couple of points I've been wanting to address- Genetics and comparing yourself to others!

Do you find you look to others for encouragement and motivation, or are you comparing? 

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Traveling 6 Pack Bag!

Now that I'm officially 3 weeks away from my shoot, my 6 pack bag sure has been getting used a lot! Last weekend I had a ton of running around to do and it was a life saver-- so much easier to just have everything with me versus planning to go home to eat. I packed it up again yesterday when we went to a Cubs spring training game! 

I didn't really think it through beforehand but a baseball game is probably not the best place to go when you are getting ready for a photo shoot (FYI). Beer, burgers, fries, hot dogs, and beer everywhere. We are going to another game the day of my shoot and you better believe I'll be having one of those beers! (Not so much on the hot dogs and fries though, I still have to be ready for Monika's bachelorette!) 

B was nice enough to walk back to the car with me when it was time to eat and he said I looked so "cute" eating my meal. I told him to take a picture so it would last longer, and he did. 

It ended up being a really fun day that ended at my sisters soccer game, and the 6 pack came in handy there too :)

I finished up the day with some meal prep. It's actually kind of nice because as the shoot gets closer my food gets more boring, which ultimately means an easier food prep! 

Yams, a crap ton of roasted veggies, grilled chicken, spaghetti squash (not pictured) and egg/veggie muffins are all ready for the week. I had to throw in my picture of green tea because I drink a Trenta every day and think I might be a little addicted...

Have a great week!! 

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