Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day VLOG!

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm celebrating today with my Valentine's Day baby with a nice dinner out tonight! Yes, poor B's birthday falls on VDay! I always feel horrible that he has to share his day with the rest of the world, so I always try to make the day about him-- starting with just a couple presents this morning :)

Charley wasn't feelin' the party this morning

 Okay, I'll stop talking now and get on to the important stuff...

Here are a couple more questions answered! Sorry the video is so dark.. I didn't realize it til I was done! 

Click here for the macros/calorie counting vlog! 


  1. That is so sweet what you do for B. Happy Valentine's Day to you guys.

  2. I Love watching your videos! They are always so informative. Most of the time I already know what I am suppose to be doing, but a jolt to the memory is usually what I need. The info about the fruit is something new to me and I am going to try reducing my fruit to your way and see if that doesn't help my belly problem. Thanks!!!!

  3. I love your videos too! You are eloquent, knowledgeable, and so sweet sounded. Thanks for the info!

  4. how do you feel about nuts/nut butters? i find myself craving it.. and tend to binge eat on them.. my diet pretty much is strict Paleo so i am not really getting a lot of carbs but the fat in nuts i feel like just is not worth it?

    1. I have the exact problem. When I'm stressed out I can eat a 1/4 jar of almond butter without a problem. As far as eating strict paleo its definitely better than chocolate chip cookies or pizza, but I decided that I just can't have them in my house, especially since I'm trying to lean out a bit.
      Nut fats are awesome, but they are a little higher in Omega-6s which aren't as good for you. I would try getting fats a different way. Avocados, coconut oil, olives, shredded coconut. I had also thought about actually using a measuring spoon to portion too because 1 tbl of almond butter is 90 calories and its easy to get that on a table knife or teaspoon.
      Also, if you're "binging" you might not be taking in enough calories, or there might be a micronutrient/vitamin you're a little low on.

  5. great Vlog. Im trying to cut down on sugars, so thank you for letting us know what your daily gram intake is!

  6. Ahhh! Thank you so much for answering my fruit question!:)


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