Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Best Present Ever & WIAW!

Before I get to WIAW, HOLY!!!!!!

I came home from work yesterday and B came walking in the door with this! You have no idea how badly I needed a new computer-- I've had my old Mac since I was a Freshman in college, which means it's probably 7 or 8 years old. It wouldn't upgrade to the newest version of iTunes, and honestly only really worked half the time. So of course, I had to use his laptop 90% of the time and it seems as though my photo's were taking up quite a bit of space. Oopsie.

Here's a quick WIAW for you.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've dropped my carbs and upped my fats, but yesterday I decided to go with a higher carb day. It's important to keep your body guessing and I don't want to stay low carb for too long. (When I say low carb I'm not talking 20g of carbs a day, I make sure to ALWAYS keep my carbs at 100g or more. I need a functioning brain more than I need abs!)

- Overnight pumpkin oats
- Green pumpkin protein shake
- 2 slices Ezekiel toast with greek yogurt
-Grilled chicken, yams, and roasted broccoli
- Shredded chicken salad
- Peanut coconut ice cream. Yep I said it, and you'll have the recipe tomorrow!!!


  1. I have a question about Dairy: some clean eating sites say to drop dairy - which I dont agree with and Im not quite sure why they advocate that. I dont see how enjoying greek yogurt can make you 'fat'? Anyway, I see that you still eat diary, even when prepping for your shoot. Will you be dropping your dairy as it gets closer, or do you not subscribe to that mindset?

    1. The only dairy I do is the greek yogurt- my cottage cheese is Lactaid brand. I will cut both the week of my shoot because I do notice a big decrease in bloat.

  2. If 100g carbs is on your low day, whats a high carb day, 200g?
    cant wait to see your peanut cocnut ice cream

  3. Does your 100g of carb include complex as well and fibrous carbs?

  4. What ice cream sounds delicious. Can't wait for the recipe! :)

  5. Oh my goodness that is so sweet of him! That's the best present ever!!!!
    Can't wait for this recipe! That sounds sooo delicious!

  6. how much meat do you eat at meals, 4-5 ounces per meal?

  7. New computers are awesome!! I need one, and my laptop is only three (or two?) years old. It's on it's last leg and my power-cord looks like it's been attacked by a pack of ravaged dogs. Lol. I'm in for a new one soon, but most likely a Dell. I'm still on a college student budget after all, and I don't know if I could swing a Mac :)

  8. I love this site! Thank you so much for sharing. I do have one question, do you prefer yams over sweet potatoes and is there a reason for choosing one over the other?


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