Monday, January 7, 2013

January Workouts- Shoulder Day

Now that I have a new goal in mind, it's time to switch up my workouts a little. This week I'll be posting a new weeks worth of workouts, and I'll file them away here so that you can refer back! I like to switch things up every 4-6 weeks and you'll notice with these workouts there are lots of super sets and drop sets. You'll also notice my split is completely different; I'm focusing on one muscle group at a time now instead of combining. My goal is to completely fatigue the muscle before I walk out of the gym!  
I'm also adding cardio back in-- blah. My goal is to do either incline walking for 20 minutes or HIIT 3 times a week for the month of January. This will help me ease back in to things before I bump it up to 5 days a week.  
For the most part, my schedule will look like this:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Chest, abs, cardio
Wednesday- Legs
Friday- Shoulders, cardio
Saturday- Back
Sunday- Arms, abs, cardio

Dumbbell Shoulder Press -3 sets of 8; I used 20lbs, 25lbs, then 30lbs. I only got 6 reps on my last set

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Upright rows super set with dumbbell lying rear delt flyes - 3 sets of 8; I used the 40lb barbell

Upright Barbell Row

and 10lb dumbbells for the flyes. PS- I absolutely hate doing these because I feel like a bird that can't fly. But, you gotta do what you gotta do I guess!

Dumbbell Lying Rear Lateral Raise

Lateral raise super set with plate pushes- 3 sets of 8; I used 12.5 lbs

Side Lateral Raise

and 3 sets of 10; I used the 10lb plate.

Arnold press- drop set burn out- 1 giant set starting with 20lbs, do as many as you can, then drop to 15lb, 10lb, 5lb.

Arnold Dumbbell Press

Your shoulders will be screaming!

OH! The winner of the H.H. Gregg gift card is....

Look for an email from me this afternoon! 


  1. Thanks for the workout - I'm doing this today! I'm with you on the dumbbell flies - uck. I prefer doing them standing. Also, what is the 10's? Just hold the plate out for 10 seconds? (my best guess).

    1. Hold the plate right in front of your chest and push it straight forward, then pull it back in. Then push it to the right and pull it back in, then to the left and back in.

  2. Awesome workout plan!! I LOVE IT!!!! Hmm maybe personnal trainer should be in your future sometime. I think you would be AWESOME!!! I would probably turn into Jillian LOL.

    Adding back cardio as well. Last week I did alternative days of incline walking for 20 min, or sprints for 12 or stair runs and OMG I felt like I was going to DIE LOL! Gasping for breath LOL!! I am starting slow with the cardio too and increasing during the duration of my 12 week transformation challenge. I am still working on building muscle but at the very end I want to lean out to make the muscle pop.

    Oh I also was wondering if you purchase your pure matter in a store or are they strictly online?

    Thanks girl and HAPPY MONDAY!

    1. hahaha! That would be awesome! I actually did okay with my first day of sprints, but my legs were sooo sore the next day!!

      Pure Matters is online only :)

  3. Can you post what your eats look like too?? That would help me get started so much! Thank you... and it would be even more helpful if you could post your grocery list when you go. I see to buy so much, yet run out quickly when I try to make recipies, it would be so helpful to see what yours looks like!! Thank you for your time and your help!

    1. I can definitely do that-- check out my WIAW post this week :) There is also a grocery list tab off the main page of my blog!

  4. this is awesome, thanks for sharing!


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