Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday! Almost Christmas!

This time next week Christmas will be over. 
Oh my. I need to finish shopping and wrapping. 
I totally just stressed myself out. So, with that let's just move on to WIAW so that I can spend some extra time wrapping tonight! Eeeek! 

I bumped up my usual 2 protein muffins to 3 because I knew our back workout was going to be intense. This is 2 apple cinnamon muffins and one banana muffin. 

2 hours after my shake I was starving and so ready to dive into my bowl of cottage cheese/oats/almond milk/ blueberries/ cinnamon/truvia. Never gets old! 

I have a canker sore the size of Texas on the roof of my mouth right now (so yucky) so my lunch was actually pretty hard to eat, but it was delicious nonetheless. Fajitas with spanish rice

A random but yummy snack of 4 hard boiled egg whites and a spinach salad.

Finally getting into soup mode now that the weather has cooled down, so I tried a new recipe-- chunky beef soup! It was awesome and I'll have the recipe up tomorrow, granted I don't spend all night at the mall. :|


  1. Lunch looks so yummy - sorry it was hard to enjoy!

  2. You just made me food jealous LOL!! My lunch and snacks don't look so yummy anymore. I wanna trade!!!

    Yum looking forward to that soup recipe. I am in need of some yummy soups at night.

  3. Just curious... roughly how many calories are you aiming for daily? And are you on cut, maintain or gain?

  4. Oh, I hate canker sores! Hope it goes away soon so you can fully enjoy all of this yummy food :)

  5. I am a vegan, but I want to try to make the apple muffins! I heard I can substitute the egg whites with flax seed, but do you know what I could sub the greek yogurt for? Thanks!

    1. I believe they make coconut yogurt and soy yogurt.I haven't checked but those might be vegan. Or maybe you could try to sub apple sauce.

  6. Gargle with warm salt water, several times a day. It really helps them heal faster! Thanks for all the tips and recipes! Hope you have a lovely Christmas!



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