Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Partial WIAW & Shoulder Workout

Maybe I can have someone text me every 3 hours to remind me to take pictures of my meals? I don't know what's wrong but I can't remember for the life of me! I snapped a picture of breakfast, snack, and then casein... but nothing in between :( Sorry! 

Breakfast (bottom left) was egg whites and a dippy egg on top scrambled with mushroom, spinach, onion, jalapeno and a chicken sausage link. Ezekiel bread cinnamon toast on the side! My snack was the typical cottage cheese and a Food for Life brown rice English Muffin. I've been loving my casein frozen lately-- just blend almond milk, 1 scoop casein, 1 T peanut butter, and a little cinnamon, then stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. I like to call it my casein soft serve-yum!

Sticking to my promise of posting workouts, here's a great shoulder burner! Remember to keep your rests to around a minute- give yourself enough time to rest, but don't take too long to where your heart rate is all over the place.

Shoulder press 3 sets of 8-10- I warmed up with 15lbs, did two sets with 20 and one set with 25.

Barbell Shoulder Press

Arnold press super set with front raises- 3 sets of 10. I used 20lbs for the Arnold.

Arnold Dumbbell Press

And 10lbs for the front raises.

Front Two-Dumbbell Raise

Bent over lateral raise superset with plate pushes 3 sets of 10. I did 10lbs on the cables

Cable Seated Lateral Raise

and used a 10lb plate for the pushes. 

I also added ab workouts in during my one minute rests. Hanging leg raises, decline sit ups, and bicycle crunches were my ab exercises of choice :)

Have a great Wednesday! 


  1. Loving the posts girl! Thank you for all the hard work, dedication, time and love that you put into your blog. I does not go unappreciated :0).

    I have been fixing my Casin the same way and OMG! YES, I will admit I do lick the bowl clean LOL. It is SO GOOD!!!!! I always wish there was more.

    1. Thanks Luvena! PS I stalked your facebook the other day, you are looking amazing!

  2. Replies
    1. Plate pushes are when you hold a plate at your chest and then push straight forward, then pull back in to your chest and push to the right, then pull in and push to the left.

  3. I just started following you and love your blog. Especially love how your workouts include the weight you use. Gives me an idea of where I'm at ;) Thanks!


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