Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Late WIAW and a Present!!

I'm a day late. And a little sick. Well actually I'm feeling a little better now, but I've had a yucky cold pretty much all week (thank you B...) so I've been staying away from the gym. I don't like spreading my germs around, plus it takes your body energy to fight off whatever is making it sick, and working out on top of that can prolong the process. PLUS I'm trying to get better before Saturday because we are going on a weekend trip to celebrate me being old...aka my birthday :)

Now that has launched, we're all very very busy and I've been staying later at work. This unfortunately means there is not time to make dinner when I get home and still eat at a decent hour so I've had to change things around a little. I'm not much of a bulk cooker, I prefer to cook dinner each night and then have leftovers for lunch the next day. To adjust to getting home later I've started making dinner one night early, so that it's ready once we get home from work. It's actually be working out pretty well but I might give bulk cooking a try next week and just see how that goes. Trial and error I suppose! I know I missed What I Ate Wednesday yesterday (sorry, I know it's been a while) but here are some recent eats:

Coconut pancakes with extra greek yogurt, Food for Life brown rice english muffins (MY NEW FAV!), chicken and black bean salad, and spicy peanut stir fry- recipe to come next week! 

I am SUPER excited about the launch of Hearts, so I wanted to give you all an amazing promo code so that you can go and check it out! If you enter the code BD2012 you will get $25 off your order! The Hearts team has worked really hard to not only have trendy ethical fashion, but also educate our community by giving you insight into the artisans that handmade our products. It's a pretty amazing site, I hope you all get the chance to browse around!

Do you have to adjust your schedule to accommodate for clean eating or the gym?


  1. Congrats on the launch, sweetie! So proud of you!

  2. Spicy peanut stir fry sounds and looks yummy. Can't wait for that recipe!
    Also, wondering how long the promo code is good for?...I have already found a couple things on hearts I WILL be ordering, but would like to give my hubby the info so he can give them to me for xmas..
    You guys have some beautiful stuff:)Thanks for the present!

  3. I need to try these coconut pancakes! They look amazing!!


  4. Glad to here you are feeling better!! Yes, congrats on Hearts launch. There is some super cute stuff especially purses. I have a MASSIVE purse fetish :0). Is there an expiration to the coupon? Thinking on asking for some stuff for Christmas.

    Yum can't wait for the recipe that spicy stir fry looks delicious.

    Have a FABULOUS Celebration trip for your Bday. You deserve a fabulous time of R&R but fun too!!!

    As far as accommodations I just have to make sure no one is going to need the kitchen when I am in there cooking since I pretty much take up every burner and small counter space there is to have LOL.

  5. The site looks great!!!!!!! congrats :) very impressive!


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