Monday, November 19, 2012

25 is Going to Be a Great Year!

So, if this post sounds like I'm bragging it's because maybe I am...just a little :) I had the most AMAZING birthday weekend with B in Sedona--If you ever get the chance to vacation there, do it! 

We stayed at L'Auberge which is a beautiful dog friendly hotel that is in the heart of Sedona, with beautiful views and a creek that runs right by it. It was absolute bliss!

Outdoor shower! 

Charley even had a welcome basket full of goodies when we arrived.

After we hiked Brins Mesa, the birthday indulgences began! Rose champagne (my favorite) and chocolate covered strawberries. 

More champagne. And a ridiculous view.

Then there were the truffles. I wish I could say I ate these, but I didn't. I took one bite and it was just a whole lot of chocolate. Bleh.

We had an amazing 4 course dinner... calories don't count on your birthday right? Right.

And a little more eating... creek side brunch which was an all you can eat buffet with more food that you could ever imagine. I went back for seconds. Of bacon. It was seriously melt-in-your-mouth bacon. I can still taste it. Yuuum. 

Now, we're back to reality and after all the champagne, wine, and sugar we're back with a little extra fluff! On top of all the eating I took almost the whole week off from the gym last week because of my horrible cold, so needless to say I'm stoked to hit it hard this week before Thanksgiving! I'm thinking we may even add in a little cardio a few days just for the heck of it! 


  1. Love truffles and you look gorgeous. Glad to see you had a great birthday weekend - happy belated!

  2. YAY for Birthday fun, relaxation, YUMMY FOOD and being spoiled :0). Glad you had a wonderful time. Wow that view is BEAUTIFUL!!! The doggie basket is super cool too!

    I have to try to hit the gym hard this week too. The second part of JW program is taking me longer. My lower back is giving me problems and my shoulder injury is bugging again and sleep is still DUMB. I'm doing 4 days a week instead of 5 so my body recovers better and I am able to push harder at the gym.

    Have a fantastic Monday!!! Any special recipes for Thanksgiving?

  3. Happy Birthday Lil B!!!! Sounded like a fabulous day! Glad to see you treated yourself too! :) :) :)


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