Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Random Recap

I knew Friday was going to be a bitter-sweet day. October 5th is my Nana's birthday and this was the first time she wasn't here to celebrate. I woke up to a rush of emotions that I honestly didn't really expect. Thankfully B was there to comfort me and he reminded me of the sweet part of the day....exactly one year until our wedding! We actually didn't plan to have it on my Nana's birthday, but all the other dates at the venue we loved were taken, so it ended up just working out that way. I'm hoping that this time next year the day will be filled with happy tears, or no tears at all (I'm such a cry baby!). I had been planning on getting her birthday tattooed on my wrist for a while, and I figured there was no better day to it. B and I had a pre-anniversary (haha) dinner and then headed to the tattoo shop! 

At dinner I had the usual cucumber wrapped spicy tuna roll and we indulged in saki too. It was a celebration after all!

 The tattoo actually didn't hurt too bad and I LOVE the way it turned out. Every time I look down at my wrist I remember how strong and loving she was, and I'm also reminded of how much I'm loved. It's pretty awesome :)

This marks week 2 of the #WhatsBeautiful challenge and staying active every day has actually been really great. Rest days tend to leave me feeling tired and lazy all day, so it's been great throwing in some yoga or taking Charley on a walk. I'm hoping we make it out for a hike this weekend since it's finally starting to cool down and I need to start making a dent in my Fall Bucket List! 


  1. My aunt is battling breast cancer and so I got Believe on my wrist with the Pink Ribbon underneath :) to honor her and show my support. The word Believe means a lot to me as well.... when ever i'm feeling down and out, or stressed i see it on my wrist and immediately smile :)

    and just remember you only have 1 yr till your wedding, and make sure you soak it all in b/c it will be here before you know it :) i was engaged a yr and a half and it flew by! lol.

    Random question: how do you put your pics side by side etc on your blogs. I've been trying to do that with mine and i can't figure it out. I see where there are 2 side by side or even 4 (in a block)

    1. Thank you for sharing your story! I will definitely do my best to soak it all up, it's definitely already going by quickly!

      I use the iPhone app diptic or picmonkey.com

  2. What a sweet remembrance for your grandma I love that! A pre-anniversary that is such a cute idea haha
    And I am sure your grandmother will be with you on your special day a year from now with nothing but happy tears :)


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