Friday, October 26, 2012

B is for Burnout....

This is a picture of one tired girl. 

As we were doing back and bi's today I found myself dreading the next superset and really struggling. I could tell earlier this week that getting out of bed was a little harder than it usually is, and my excitement to go to the gym was just not there. I fought through this week, but I realized today it's time for a break. 

I'm one week away from the last week of James Wilson's body earned program which means I've been working out 5 days a week for the past 11 weeks. I typically try to take about a week off every 12 weeks and this burnout I'm experiencing has actually come right around that 12 week mark. 

So what's the plan? REST! For the next 7-8 days I'm going to sleep in, rest my muscles, and of course keep eating clean. During these days off it will be particularly important to keep my meals really clean, so I'll be sure to do a good meal prep this weekend. If this was last year, I would be freaking out about taking an entire week off, but now I know it's SO important to listen to my body and that taking a week off will not set me back. In fact, it will do the opposite. It will allow my body to rest and recover and it will keep me from not wanting to go to the gym... which is the last thing I want! 

Do you take extended periods of time off the gym? 


  1. i'm coming towards the end of weight loss goal and pushing HARD. harder than I have my whole journey and I can feel my body asking me to stop (I am SO tired!), but I don't feel like I can rest right now. 6 more pounds and I will allow a rest! but I think it is so important. your body knows what you need.

  2. Good for you girl! At least you know to listen to your body! I know you're going to refuel and feel amazing after your break!

    Fill me in, how was that program? Much difference from LiveFit? I need to put muscle on!!


  3. wow! your arms are amazing! I would say well deserved break!

  4. i totally felt this during jamie easons live fit... i had to take a week off and find something new. i discovered crossfit and fell back in love with working out. what ever it may be, take some time for yourself and find some new fitness adventure for a little bit!

  5. I schedule breaks several times a year to address this very thing, although this year I'm still struggling with burnout from running. I think it's important to recognize in yourself and take that well deserved break!

  6. Will you maintain your normal eating habits during your period of rest? or consume less?

  7. Oh girl I get you!! This second round of JW's program has left me beat up and sore ALL the time. I have serious 24/7 DOMS. If it's not one thing hurting it's another. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining by any means. I mean HELLO the results are freakin AMAZING!!!!! I just haven't walked normal in awhile LOL. This program has definitely made me a believer in rest days and a full rest week after 12 weeks of intense lifting. It's kinda funny how I end up looking leaner during my times of rest.

    SO you go and enjoy your week off. Get a message and YES sleep in!!! My sleep is still completely out of whack still so I know how important sleep is too. I have just got back into the body part training this week (18) and it has been TOUGH mentally and physically but I keep on pushing on.

    Rest hard, eat clean and I will see you back in BEAST mode next week to ROCK your last and FINAL week. YOU GO GIRL!!! Those arms by the way are RIDICULOUS!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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