Monday, September 10, 2012

Yoga and Sushi.

Monday we meet again! The weekend was one of those that we went in to without any plans and it ended up being jam packed, but in a good way. We started out Friday night with sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant. I had already devoured my cucumber wrapped roll but these are a couple of B's brown rice rolls, I may or may not have snuck one!

We wrapped up the night with a blue box and were in bed by 10:30. Okay fine, it was 10. Party animals, I know! After hitting the gym with B Saturday morning I headed to what I thought was going to be a regular yoga class. I noticed there was a new studio opening up less than a mile from my house and they were giving free classes all weekend, so I had to give it a try. Little did I know.... it was HOT yoga. My friend had to talk me in to staying because I was literally ready to turn around and leave, but I decided to suck it up and just do it and now I'm seriously obsessed. I felt amazing when the class was over and absolutely love the studio. I'm not a big sweater [unless I'm doing a James Wilson circuit] so it actually feels good to sweat, and sweat a lot

Saturday night we headed out to dinner again and guess what we had!? 

Surprise! I think we can officially be classified as sushi fiends, and thankfully I'm finding more and more places that do cucumber wrapped. After telling B how much I loved yoga on Saturday I (somehow) convinced him to go with me on Sunday. I'm not sure he loves it quite as much as I do, but he said he would go with me tonight... we'll see if that actually happens! We spent the rest of our Sunday watching football with family, and Charley of course. 

What a diva! Hope your weekend was great! Did you try anything new? 


  1. Ha! I am exactly the same way. Every time I eat out, all I want is SUSHI!! :D I just wish more places served it with brown rice.

  2. Oh man you've just reminded me how long ago I've had sushi, I'm long overdue for some more asap. Looks delicious!

  3. Dont u just love the feeling u get after an intense yoga session :) I myself am a hugee fan of hot flow yoga, and have recently been addicted to bikram. Do you think yoga can be a replacement to cardio though? I lift heavy weights 3 times a week, and do the occasional insanity videos for HIIT but i honestly hate it to the core, and i hate the feeling i get after doing it (mind-wise). Would love to hear your thoughts.


  4. Where are your fav sushi places? And where can you find one that uses brown rice??? :)


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