Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Post: Vanilla Bean Lean

Hi Everyone! I'm having an amazing, relaxing time in San Diego but I wanted to make sure things stay up and running on the blog so I asked my friend Electra to do a guest post! She is amazing and if you haven't visited her blog yet, it's a must-- Vanilla Bean Lean was actually one of the first blogs that got me hooked on clean eating :)

Well Hello there Little B’s fans! I am HONORED to be guest blogging for Brittany since I think she’s a total rockstar!
I’m Electra and I blog over at Vanilla Bean Lean! Come on over some time and introduce yourself! I’d love to get to know you, any friend of Little B’s is a friend of mine!

Even just over the course of time from when I started blogging until now, let alone before that, my fitness and nutritional approaches have evolved. I’ll change it up in a bigger way a few times a year and tweak things here and there all of the time to ensure I’m heading to where I want to be and to make sure that the actions I’m taking and the choices I’m making are aligning with the goals I have for myself.
In order to get started, to do well, and to continue with this fitness and clean eating lifestyle, learning that change is not necessarily a bad thing is important. Changing the right things at the right time can truly make the difference between staying where you are or reaching your goals. These changes may be small or large, and I’d love to share with you how I’ve utilized change to my advantage.
When I shared My Staples & Nutritional Approach, I talked about how I’ve tried many different nutrition styles, from keto/no carb to high carb and everything in between. To quote my own post, “…the conclusion I have come to is this: You have to eat in a way that makes your body feel satisfied and energized. There is NO one right way. … The “RIGHT WAY” is the way that produces results, that you feel good about, and that you can truly make a lifestyle!” –Electra Liontis. Just as I’ve tried many different nutrition styles, I too have tried many fitness approaches, everything from organized sports to cardio bunny to bodybuilder-style lifting (low reps high weight). After much trial and error, and what felt like scientific experiments with my own physique, I have built a very good base and have produced an individualized fitness and nutrition lifestyle approach that I have dedicated myself to, and that works for me.
Now you want to know how you find what works for you, right? Although some of it is trial and error, you can learn large lessons from those that have already walked the experimental path. I have found that Switching It Up is very important to keep your body guessing and progressing, and that ensuring you fuel your body with the correct nutrients to perform well in the gym is a must.
Here are the best pieces of advice I can give you to help find what type of a lifestyle will work best for you!
  • Find Fitness You LOVE. Do you like the thrill of lifting heavier weights than some of the men in the gym? Have you fallen in love with running races? Do you like the camaraderie of group fitness classes? Do what you love. It then won’t feel like it’s a burden, and you will instead wake up or leave work ready to KILL it in the gym or in front of your TV with Shaun T on the Insanity DVD. Whatever it is you love, do it.
  • Now you ask, can I get specific results from many different programs? As you can tell by all of the amazing olympic athletes, different training results in different physiques. If you have a very specific physique goal, you will have to perform specific training to reach that goal, and that’s where research comes into play. If you’re looking to in general: lose body fat, gain a bit of muscle, and improve your health – you’re in luck that you can do what you love and accomplish that.
  • Eat In A Way That Satisfies You. Eat enough to fuel your body through your workouts, to gain muscle, and to provide you with enough energy for your daily life, but not too much to where you feel bloated and gain excess fat. I generally find that eating a small meal about every 3 hours consisting of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats makes for a very general nutritional plan that works.
  • Whatever You Try, Give It 4 Weeks. What I mean by this is just that. If you try a new type of exercise regime or nutrition plan, give it at least one month to decide if you are seeing results. Anything less than four weeks will not provide you with enough evidence to decide whether that was something that will work for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.
  • Be consistent, have patience, and have dedication. Without consistency, it’s hard to gauge what is working, and what isn’t. If you want to know if a lower carb, higher fat nutritional approach works for you but you have higher carbs a couple times a week, whatever results you get will be tainted and will not be able to tell you whether that approach will work for you or not. Without patience, you will get frustrated. Having patience allows your mind and body the time it needs to change without stopping before you see the change. Without dedication, you will make this something you do if it’s convenient, instead of making it something you will do as a lifestyle.
  • Don’t Forget Your Mind. The mind is just as important as the body in training and in nutrition. Without a sound mindset that will allow you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone with training and that will allow you to make hard choices in terms of nutrition that will take you towards your goals whether or not it’s the “fun” choice, it will be an internal battle. Don’t make this a battle, or as James Wilson would say, a “life sentence,” make it a lifestyle.
  • Keep It Positive. Make it a lifestyle because of your love for it and your love for what it does for your body, mind, and life. Don’t do it because you “have to,” do it because you “want to.” And remember, no one is making you go to the gym or eat clean. You’re doing it because of the results it will give you and how amazing it will make you feel. Don’t focus on what you can’t have or what you have to give up, focus on what this lifestyle gives you and what joy you get from it.
  • You can do it! And whenever you’re having a lull in motivation, Little B is fantastic and always full of tons of motivation, and I’m always over at Vanilla Bean Lean, posting on Instagramtweeting, working out & blabbering on youtubefacebooking,pinningin your blog reader, or on linked in ready to help you rock your day! I can’t wait to hear from all of you!
Coffee Talk!
  • What nutritional approach do you take?
  • What fitness approach do you take?
  • What is your favorite part about the fitness/clean eating lifestyle?


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  2. Thank you for having me guest post Brittany, I'm honored! Have a blast on vacation, you rock lady! :-D

  3. Really cool guest post!! I will definitely start following you as well :)
    I eat clean, and my nutritional approach has changed over the past year.. I've leaned out, built muscle, and am working on leaning out again. I know that my body LOVES to hang on to carbs lol so I have to be careful with those. I've also ran numerous 5k's and one half marathon. I'm currently gearing up to run another 5k and my 2nd half.

  4. Yeah, Electra! You are fit and fabulous :)

  5. yay awesome post!! im pregnant right now but only have 3 more weeks (give or take). im getting super motivated to hit the gym once im allowed to. this post is really motivating! i think the key part is giving something at least 4 weeks!!

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