Monday, July 2, 2012

Double Trouble, JULY and Bulk Cooking

If you saw my instagram post yesterday, then you know I was a big dummie yesterday. I had planned on going to Pilates on Sunday afternoon, but in my head Pilates was stretching and maybe some light core exercises. Because of my misconstrued notion of Pilates, I went ahead and did the last workout for week 3 of James Wilson's Body Earned Program on Sunday morning. Big mistake! Pilates absolutely kicked my butt! It would have been challenging had I not already fatigued my muscles with full body circuits a few hours before, but oh my gosh, 10 minutes in I was already sweating and dying. Even though I was dead when it was over, I really liked it and definitely want to do it more often to build up my core strength and work on my flexibility.... I'll just have to make sure I count it as my workout that day!

Going to my first Pilates class got me thinking about how it is already July. JULY! Someone please tell me how that happened. Anyway, this means we are in the second half of the year and I always like to take some time to look back to January 1 and think about all the things I wanted to accomplish this year. I'm excited that I'm doing pretty well on my resolutions to step outside my comfort zone. Starting a new workout program that is a totally different style was a huge step outside my bubble, and in my personal life I made a big career change--totally out of the confort zone. Both of these decisions have made me SO happy I can honestly say I'm absolutely loving living out of my bubble. 

After realizing it was July 1st yesterday, I then realized that meant we are headed out of town in a couple days! My parents got a beach house in Norrhern, California so B and I are headed up there to celebrate the 4th of July. I could not be more excited. It is 65 degrees and sunny in CA... and it's like 112 degrees in AZ so it will be amazing to get out of the heat. I wanted to relax all day yesterday but when I realized our trip was quickly approaching and that I probably wasn't going to have time during the week to get stuff done, I decided doing a little bulk cooking was probably a good idea. 

I made banana coconut bread, apple cinnamon muffins, (I can't get enough of these lately) chicken fried rice, and some extra chicken breasts for lunches. This should easily get us through until Wednesday and I'll be able to take some of the muffins with us too. One huge perk of having my family on board with clean eating is I know the fridge at the beach house is already stocked with the foods I love! 

And here is the reason I don't bulk cook too often. It makes a huge mess out of my kitchen and gives me anxiety! Ahh!! 


  1. I need to start bulk cooking, it would be a big help during the week.

  2. LOL my bulk cooking always gives me anxiety too. I wash dishes as I go to take some of that away. I here you on loving getting out of my comfort zone with James program. My butt is constantly kicked. It's funny how the workouts look easy on paper then you go to do them and ......"I've fallen and can't get up lol." I am also working on career changes and moves. Scarey but I am tired of letting fear stop me.

    Hey you might me coming to my neck of the woods. I live in a little out between Santa Cruz and Monterey. It's too cold for me lol. I will trade you.

  3. My kitchen looks like yours....only much worse, after I'm done with my bulk cooking on Sundays. It's a lot of upfront work, but it sure does save you time later on in the week and keeps you on track with eating clean.

    Have a great time in CA with your family.


  4. Dishes suck but I get anxiety if I don't have a freezer full of cooked chicken breasts. :) Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Kitchen cleanup is the worst. It's a daily chore for me, unfortunately. The muffins looked like they came out well.

  6. when you cook in bulk do you put the food in the freezer?

  7. YES! I made the same mistake with Pilates. Years ago, I did a full strength workout and wanted to do "more" so I put in a Pilates dvd for the first time. Respect earned for Pilates, never again will I mistake it for a stretching routine! lol


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