Monday, June 25, 2012

Sushi Date Bet

B and I had a great day on Saturday running around Old Town Scottsdale sweating to death enjoying the sun. At the end of the day we were both having a hankering for sushi (what's new) so we headed to one of our favorite spots for dinner. We started off with some edamame and this amazing grilled calamari appetizer. We are both suckers for fried calamari and rock shrimp and this is a great, way healthier alternative.

When we finished up with our appetizers, the waitress came back to the table to take our order-- I got the sashimi salad (which I was halfway through before I remembered to take a picture, sorry) and B proceeds to order TWO specialty rolls and TWO orders of sashimi. Now, he is a big guy and he can eat but he is notorious for ordering way, way too much sushi just about every time we eat it. Before the waitress left I made sure he really wanted all four items and he said he was sure. I knew there was absolutely positively no way he was going to eat it all so naturally I bet him he couldn't do it. I couldn't come up with a good bet on the spot (now I wish I would have) so we just bet bragging rights, hand shake and all. 

His sashimi came out first and he gobbled down both orders, no problem. I was a little bit nervous when his rolls came out, but after he had eaten about 2 pieces I knew I had it in the bag. Above is a picture of both the rolls, and below is what they looked like when he was done. 

Haha! He failed miserably and as I predicted, he ordered waaaay too much. I will note, I ate one of the pieces so he didn't even come close to finishing it all. GOSH it feels so good to be right! 

This is what it looks like when you lose a bet. :) 
When will guys learn that the women are always right ;) 

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, on to week 3 of the Body Earned program! 


  1. wow that calamari looks to die for, I am all for the simpler apps!

  2. Haha I love winning bets! That look on his face is priceless! :D

  3. what sushi place is this?! we just moved from scottsdale, i miss it so much!!!!

  4. Oh GRILLED calamari. I have never seen that on a sushi menu. Do you have to ask for it specifically? I used to love sushi but ever since starting to eat clean I am unsure of how to order at sushi places know so I skip it. BUT I MISS SUSHI!!!! You and B are super cute. I love how you both workout together and eat clean together and just plan old enjoy life. I hope I find this kind of connection someday. Most guys find my eating habit annoying/weird and my working out odd :0(. Oh well.....!

    W3D1 ouch!!

  5. You're hilarious :-D

    The healthier calamari appetizer was an AWESOME choice - and it looks delicious! Great choice!

  6. haha my boyfriend is a big dude too and can eat a LOT. We always go to this sushi buffet and he can put down SO many of them. He literally brought a pen and paper one time so he could rate all of the sushi options so he wouldn't forget which ones he liked. Gotta love our boys :)

  7. Where is this B? I want to start going to new sushi places. Oh and I am notorious for overordering as well :)



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