Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Recap C/O Instagram

Even though things are  tough right now, I had a great weekend with lots of family time. It was all captured thanks to Instagram! If you don't follow me already, my user name is littlebblog. 

I always try to make "fun" breakfasts on Saturday morning since we're not in a huge rush to get out the door for the gym and work. I made these ridiculously amazing (so modest, I know) banana protein pancakes. The first batch came out "OK" and the second batch was the ridiculously amazing batch, so I need to make them once more to make sure I have the recipe perfect before posting. So you will have to patiently wait for that, sorry! 

B and I got dressed on opposite sides of the house  (and both refused to change, naturally) and looked like twins at the gym. Ooopsie! 

We spent a nice relaxing day by the pool before I headed out to my parent's side of town for some quality time with Nana. I'm not really that tan, B is just pretty not tan and Instagram gave me an instant color boost! 

Most of Mother's Day was spent with friends and family in my parent's backyard as we enjoyed our first 100 degree day here in AZ! It was actually pretty nice in the shade and I wish it would stay this temperature forever, but I know those dreaded 114 degree days are on their way! 

They had quite a few people over and there was a huge array of food from bacon cheeseburgers, to stuffed shells, and of course grilled chicken! I filtered through all the bad stuff and ended up with chicken, spinach salad, and roasted veggies. It hit the spot and I was stuffed! 

My contribution to the Mother's Day feast was crock pot brownies from Gracious Pantry. If you ever have to bring something to a party, make these. I guarantee no one will know they're clean. They were easy to make and the end result was a rich, chocolately bar of yum and even the kids liked them! 

Once everyone had left my mom, sister and I headed back over to hang out and chat with Nana. Well, we're didn't really chat with her since she is just doing a lot of sleeping right now, but it is so fun reminiscing and talking about all the fun things we used to do together. 

I wrapped up my weekend with finally watching Grey's Anatomy from last Thursday, and holllllllyy! Anyone else think that ending was insane? I can't wait for this week's episode, but sad that it's the season finale. I seriously get depressed when my shows take a break... no Pretty Little Liars, Biggest Loser, OR Grey's Anatomy!? What's a girl to do! 


  1. I agree with the Grey's Anatomy thing completely!!! I had to buy a bottle of wine for this Thursdays because I KNOW it will be bad.

  2. um you just named all three of my favorite shows! and RIGHT!!! i hate that they are all DONE RIGHT NOW aka I AM IN WITHDRAWL!!
    ps you look AMAZINGGGG!!!!<333

  3. Your shoulder's look great! :)

  4. Hey britt. glad you had some more time with nana. I will always remember white grape juice in the den :)
    Oh yeah, and it looks like nise and gram aren't ready for the clean eating.... i made the pumpkin squares for mother's day and they weren't up to snuff. nise ended up making brownies after (jerk). Baby steps. Gram liked the turkey meatloaf muffins. Next time i'll try the crockpot brownies!

  5. I can not wait for you to post the: banana protein pancakes please hurryyyy!!! LOL

  6. Did you use the whole wheat pastry flour as directed for the slow cooker brownie recipe??


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