Saturday, May 26, 2012

Super Set Saturday- Arm Workout!

I noticed that my exercise tab is looking a little sparse so over the next few weeks while I do my own thing, I am going to try my best to add some more workouts to the blog! I hope that eventually you'll be able to come here and pick out weeks of workouts just by clicking on that tab. 

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I'm planning on doing James Wilson's program, and while that's true I'm just not ready to start yet. I am going to California next week for my Nana's funeral, and then I'm going to Milan for work, so lots of travelling in my future. Until I'm back and settled, I'll just be making up my own workouts or pulling things from magazines,, etc. then once I'm home and settled I'll start on James' program. The Facebook group has been great so far and it looks like people are loving the workouts and having great results. Another plus, you get to eat lots and lots of food because you burn a ton of calories during the workouts... always a good thing. 

Any who, back to today's workout-- Arms and sprints! 

Skull crushers 4 x 10 super set with alternating curls 4 x 10. I used 40lbs for skull crushers and 20lb dumbbells for the first 3 sets of curls then dropped to 15. Personal record! 

Preacher Curls 3 x 8 super set with hammer curls 3 x 8. I used 30lbs for preachers and 15 for hammers. 

Incline curls (not alternating) 3 x 15. I used 10lbs... my arms were screaming by this time. 

Rope tricep push downs 3 x 10 super set with bench dips to failure. I did 30lbs for push downs and got 12, 10, and 7 dips. 

Tricep kick backs 3 x 10- I used 10lbs 

Then we headed up stairs for 12 minutes of sprints-- I ran them at 9.6 another personal record! It's amazing how far a little extra sleep goes, I felt like I could have ran for an hour... but B had a meeting so we stopped at 12 minutes :) Happy Saturday and remember: treat the weekend just like any other day of the week and stay on track!! 


  1. Looking forward to your workout posts. I'll have to check out the James Wilson program. Does he give you a meal plan to follow too or just workouts? Safe travels!

  2. Great post!! Its like you read my mind and do a post on what I want to ask you next LOL!! Your arm workout is almost identical to mine except I do my bi's and tri's on separate days. Decline curls are a MONSTER for me. I was going to ask how long you make your HIIT workouts. I have been adding in between 10-20 minutes after my lifting depending on time and what cardio equipment I choose.

    I was also going to ask a strange question. Since getting over the cardio queen phase I don't leave the gym a super sweety mess anymore. So my question is should I be concerned with the fact that I don't sweat buckets weight lifting? I have my Polar heart rate monitor on so I feel and know that my heart is racing and I know my muscles are getting worked because they are burning and I have DOMS frequently. I just feel like the cardioaholics look at me funny because I am not drenched like them. I makes me wonder if I am not pushing myself hard enough.

    Oh and btw the rest of your pictures ROCK!! Hmmm I would dare say you are giving Jamie Eason a run for her money. And WOW Milan!!! I need to work for your company LOL!!!

    Enjoy the 3 days girl.

    1. Hey Luvena-

      For HIIT I usually try to do between 12 and 15 minutes. As far as sweating-- I don't think that's anything to worry about. I don't sweat very much at all and B leaves the gym dripping, after doing the exact same workout. It really just depends on the person, as long as you're lifting heavy and keeping your rest periods about a minute I'm sure you're doing just fine!

  3. awesome workout!! my goal is arms like urs! :) i gotta lift heavier!

  4. Brittany,
    In your opinion is James' plan a good plan for a beginner who has quite a bit of fat to lose or would it be better to lose fat first and then build muscle? Ive heard you can't do both at once since adding muscle requires additional calories where as losing fat requires a calorie deficit? Help!? My main goal would be fat loss. Thx!!!


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