Friday, May 25, 2012

Cinnamon Toast and Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

As I was eating my favorite meal of the day this morning (breakfast, duh) I realized I don't think I've ever officially posted the way I make my Ezekiel toast. I tend to switch off between toast and oats in the morning, and if you asked me which I like better I would tell you that you're crazy for asking me to chose! I love both equally and would go crazy without them! 

When I was little cinnamon toast was always a staple breakfast item, so to be able to eat it daily and know that it is good for me is absolutely wonderful. All I do is toast my Ezekiel low sodium bread then dip a butter knife into the coconut oil jar-- you don't need to scoop or pour, just dip and spread a thin layer on your bread. Then just sprinkle with cinnamon and Truvia and that's it! I'm a child, so I always eat my crust first and save the two middle pieces for the end- they're the best! 

After shoulders, abs, and sprints at the gym I was having my second favorite meal of the day (my PWO shake, duh) and realized I haven't shared my new obsession yet- Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Shake! Yes, mint chocolate like the ice cream. It's great. 

In to the blender goes: 
1+a little extra scoops of Only Protein (one scoop only has 18g and I shoot for 25 PWO)
1/2 frozen banana
Splash of almond milk (about 1/4 cup)
1 frozen spinach cube (or just handful of spinach)
1 packet or 3/4 tsp of Truvia
1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 drop of peppermint extract (seriously, ONE drop... it's really easy to over do it!)
3-4 ice cubes 

I realize it's definitely not the most visually appealing shake ever, but the taste more than makes up for it! Have a great long weekend!


  1. This looks great! I really need to try this one specially because I grow my own mint!!!!


  2. yum looks great!! you're right about the one drop...ive made that mistake before haha its not edible!

  3. Yum to both of these! Do you soften the coconut oil? Mine is solid in the jar and hard to get out. If you do soften the oil how do you go about doing this?

    1. At this time of year, mine is liquid (I live in AZ) but if yours is still solid, just scoop out enough to spread a very thin layer on your bread.

  4. The cinnamon toast bread is surprisingly easy to make. I was expecting a few more steps involved. I'll need to take a few slices out of the freezer to try tomorrow morning. Do you have anything on the side, i.e. egg whites?

  5. Looks good! I've never tried or seen Ezekiel before but I do love Cinnamon toast (childhood fave!).

  6. I am in love with this shake!!! It is so good!

  7. where do you get that bread? can you buy it at any supermarket or is it from a health food shop?? your amazing britt by the way xxxx


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