Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Plan: Next 6 weeks

So, this post is mostly so that I can "write down" my plan for the next 6 weeks and hold myself accountable, but I figured why not share it with all of you too. I have something really exciting coming up 6 weeks from this past Sunday, so it's time to switch things up and get into fat burning mode. I'm not quite ready to reveal what the big thing is just yet, but I will eventually!

I really like that I have one particular day in mind that I need to be my best for, because having a very specific goal like that really helps me push myself. I'm dedicating myself to no cheats and hard workouts for the next 42 days... I know I can do it! [Last Friday I had my "I'm buckling down" cheat... happy hour with B at our favorite sushi restaurant, and yes saki bombs were involved!] One bummer is that we have a wedding and Easter in the next 6 weeks, but oh well I will survive. 

I'm getting really excited with my progress lately, after upping my calories a little over the past 7-8 weeks I think I've added some more muscle, which is fabulous because now that the leaning down phase is here I'll likely lose a little bit of that muscle. 

So, here is my plan. 

Next 2 weeks- 
Nutrition: Remain the same as far as what I'm eating, but I will be decreasing my calories a bit. Instead of eating 200-300 over what I'm burning, I'm going to aim for maintenance so I'm going to eat right at my activity level, right around 1650 on workout days and more like 1400 on rest days. 

Workouts: Changing up my split a little (sorry for those of you that asked yesterday, I made a couple tweaks last night)
Monday: Back and abs
Tuesday: Arms and HIIT
Wednesday: Legs 
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Shoulders and HIIT 
Saturday: Chest and abs
Sunday: Repeat (either arms or legs) and HIIT 

My reps are going to increase from 6-8 to 10-15 and I'm doing TONS of super sets and drop sets. Just about every exercise! I'm actually following Joseph Donnelly's paid workouts that you can find at joeydfitness.com 

Final 4 weeks-
Nutrition: Follow Jamie Eason 12 week trainer meal plan for Phase 2 weeks 7&8. Then the last week I'm going to carb cycle. 

Workouts: Weeks 7-10 of Jamie Eason 12 week trainer. Basically high reps, really high intensity, and cardio.

I will get into more detail of the last 2 weeks once we get a bit closer. 

I'll keep you updated as I go and let you know if I change anything up! Fingers crossed this all works out :)


  1. You are going to ROCK this!!! I am so excited for you...and so curious!!! What could it beeeeee??? I'm guessing a photoshoot?!?! You are super hot so I wouldn't be surprised ;)

  2. good luck! you look great already! Cant wait to see results at the end of your goal time!

  3. What are you doing for HIIT?
    Also can you explain super sets and drop sets to me? I really don't understand what those are! THanks!
    And good luck with your 6 week plan! You can do it!
    P.S- Your arms look AMAZING!!!!
    -Mo :)

    1. Hi Mo!

      First, thank you!!

      Super sets is going from one exercise right into the next. So, if your workout says barbell curls super set with hammer curls you will do the barbell curls, and immediately pick up the dumbbells for the hammer curls, no rest in between. Drop sets are within the same exercise, so if you're doing a drop set on tricep pushdowns you would do 40 lbs 8 times, then drop your weight to 30 and crank out as many as you can, then drop to 20 and do as many as you can again. This really helps fatigue the muscle so you want to incorporate these in toward the end of your workout. Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you!! This helps a lot!! :)

  4. Good luck!
    Your arms look great btw!
    When using free weights how heavy do you go?
    for biceps, shoulders, triceps, etc...

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I curl 20lbs or the 40lb barbell, 30lbs for shoulder press, 10lb lateral raise, 35 for tricep extension.

      This is only the case if I'm doing about 8 reps, anything more than that I have to lower my weight.

  5. Good luck with hitting your goals!
    I'm curious, what do you do for you HIIT? I tried it today on the treadmill and find it's pretty difficult having to wait for the belt to speed up and slow down. I'd like to do it outside, but eventually when I work up to 30, 40, 50, and 60 second HII, I'm not sure I'll have anywhere long enough that I can cover that much ground. I suppose running down a street would work, but would prefer something other than that if possible, so just trying to get some other guys.

    Thanks so much for your input! :)

    1. I do mine on the treadmill but I jump off the sides. So, set it at 9mph (or however fast you're sprinting) then sprint, and then put your hands on the rails and lift yourself off so that you're standing on the sides. Once 30 seconds has passed put your hands back on the rails and lower yourself on to the belt. I usually hold on for the first couple of seconds to re-gain my balance. I also like doing it on the stepmill but you don't quite get your heart rate as high as if you do it on the treadmill.

  6. What will your supplementation look like? And when will you take each supplement?

    1. I do a multi vitamin with breakfast, pre-workout Amino Energy, BCAA's throughout my workout, protein shake with gluatime after workout. Adrenal support with lunch and fish oil before bed :)

  7. Hmmm, are you doing a fitness competition? I hope so, youd be amazing.

  8. Oooh I'm so excited to hear how it goes!! I'm still powering through the LiveFit Trainer (just starting Phase II) but I'm so excited to get some tips from your progression away from a set program into a self-created one! You're going to do amazingly!!

  9. You look awesome Britt!! :) How do you like Joe's workouts? I have been debating signing up for them.

    1. Thanks lady! They are SO intense I usually end up leaving out at LEAST one super set because I would just absolutely die otherwise.

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