Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crazy Back Day!

One thing that I love about not following a specific program is pulling different workouts from magazines,, and Facebook which actually has taught me lots of new techniques and exercises. This morning we decided to do one of Joseph Donnelly's workouts... and oh my gosh it was killer. If you haven't checked him out on Facebook you definitely should, he has great workouts and recipes and is pretty easy on the eyes too ;)

I've actually been pretty frustrated with my back lately, because it has definitely been the slowest muscle group to respond so far. I looked back through some pictures on my phone and found this one from the end of November, so about 4 months ago. Here it is side by side with a picture from this morning. {By the way I realized how much I miss being tan after seeing this picture!}

Thankfully I am starting to see some changes, but my lower back definitely still needs lots of work. I'm actually really happy I took this photo because it's really nice to be able to see how I'm progressing, even if it is slowly but surely! Like I mentioned this morning on Facebook, results are what keep me the most motivated, and I can't wait to see what I look like in another 4 months! I highly suggest you take progress pictures too!

Here is a modified version of one of Josephs back routines, we left out 2super sets and the last set from the original workout because of time constraints. (What is listed below took us about an hour)

Deadlifts- 10/8/6/4- I did 100/115/135/135
Underhand barbell rows 4 x 10 super set with wide grip chinups 4 x 15- I used 65lbs for the rows and the assisted machine for the chin-ups 
Close grip pull downs 4 x 8 last set is drop set of 25- I did 75lbs and dropped to 45
Standing close grip T bar row 10/8/6/6- I did 35/45/55/55
Seated cable wide grip row 4 x 12 last set drop set to failure- I did 45lbs (I was DYING!) 

I felt like I needed to eat an entire cow after this workout. Yep, the whole thing. Don't worry, I just had a protein shake and added oats! 


  1. Wow! You have truly made such gains in your back! You should feel quite proud. It's true - pictures are SO important to take to keep you motivated to keep working. Thanks for having such a great blog - I'm constantly popping by for tips and motivation. :)

  2. I LOVE working back- my favorite! I need to start taking more progress pics, thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. I love it how you put what weight you are lifting for each, it's good to compare. I always wonder if going far too light compared to what other girls lift.

  4. Oh my goodness girl!!!!!!!!!!! You seriously look amazing. I am having quite the slow progress with my back as well :( You inspire me!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously :) Be proud ok? :D

    Thanks for sharing this workout :) Looks like a great one :)

  5. Could not agree more on being motivated by progress pics... honestly, your back looks like it's coming along! Keep at it!!! I know how you feel though, my shoulders are SO slow to respond. I have been working them really hard for a loooong time and am finally feeling like I've seen some results.

    And you made me laugh out loud with that last comment - I'm glad you didn't eat a whole cow but I wouldn't judge ;)

  6. I love this routine. I do one similiar. I just wanted to ask about the deadlifts and the standing close grip T bar row. Are those numbers the amount of reps you did as 100 reps is killar. And how come your numbers and Josephs are different?


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