Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIAW #13

Oh my goodness it's Wednesday! This means only 3 more days until I get to take a break from pulling my hair out at work and go on vacation! I probably needed to start packing like, yesterday because I am the worlds worst packer. My entire closet will end up in my suitcase, I'll be throwing stuff in the last minute as we're running out the door, I'll take over half of B's suitcase, and I'll still get there and 'not have anything to wear'. I just know it. Happens every time. So, if anyone has any packing tips send them my way because God knows I need them. I'll also need to figure out what food I need to bring. Gah. Lots to do still!

Now, WIAW veggies edition. Well, it's supposed to be veggie edition but as you'll see I didn't really do great in the veggie department. Better luck next week. 

Overnight oats with blueberries on top. B's overnight apple oats looked tastier than mine. I was jealous, so I stole a bite without him seeing. Shh!! 

After a heavy back day I had this carbed up version of my pumpkin protein shake. I added an additional 1/4 cup of oats to up the carbs. I tracked my calories a few days last week just to make sure I was hitting the numbers I wanted to and think I can up my carbs a little, especially pre and post workout.

Cinnamon crock-pot chicken and 1/2 yam for my mid morning snack. Recipe will come eventually! 

Chicken fajitas and spanish style brown rice for lunch. 

Then it was about 3:30 and I was pulling my hair out as usual. It was one of those days (I tend to have a lot of those days, unfortunately) that in the past I would have gone home and poured myself a very large glass of wine. Nowadays, a Kombucha really does the trick so after a little debate in my head I grabbed my keys and headed around the corner to Sunflower Market. I knew I would be short on time and that I had a call at 4pm, but it's really close and I knew I would just be in and out. HA. No such luck. First, I get there and Kombucha is on sale so they are out of the flavor I had been craving. So, I spent like 5 minutes reading through labels of all the other flavors trying really hard to decide which one to get, but we all know that is no quick process because I over think everything. Even my Kombucha flavor. I decided on Cosmic Cranberry and headed to the shortest cash register line. Don't worry, it wasn't really short it just appeared that way and I didn't get back to my desk until a few minutes past 4. Just my luck! Anyway, it was all worth it because the cranberry flavor was awesome!! Highly recommended. Okay moving on. 

Spicy Tilapia and Zucchini sticks for dinner. Yes, this is the tilapia I accidentally poured balsamic all over instead of liquid amino's. B came to the rescue and rinsed it off for me, and I really couldn't taste it at all. Crisis averted. 

Then casein pudding right before bed. 

Also, I've been asked how many calories I eat a lot lately, so I tracked today's food and here's how it came out:
1696 calories; 146g carbs; 34g fat; 213 protein; and according to my bodymedia I burned about 1500 calories yesterday. 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I was u prefer the overnight oats with carton egg whites or microwaved better? I tried them both ways and I have to say I like the overnight one's better!

    You add 1/4c raw oats to your pumpkin protein shake?

    1. Don't make me choose!! Okay, fine. Overnight. :)

  2. Pretty please put up the cinnamon crock pot chicken recipe! I'm obsessed with both so I'm excited to try the combination! Thank you for all of these wonderful recipes, I swear I make at least two a day hahaha :)

  3. You are a protein machine!!! Way to go on the jam-packed eats! I think you did okay with the veggies! A lot more than I usually eat, that's for sure!

  4. Great post love :) your intake is SO similar to mine hehehehe I love it

  5. Just wondering how many ounces of protein do you eat at each meal?

  6. Is your intake based on your height and weight It seems so much lower than mine:/

    1. Nope, intake is just the calories in the food so it would be the same for anyone.

  7. You aren't eating enough:/


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