Monday, February 27, 2012

Travel Time!

Hello from Sin City! I'm spending the next 5 days in Las Vegas for work, so I just wanted to share what I brought with me and how I plan on surviving this week while staying as on track as possible. I have already spoken with the conference producers and they will be preparing me gluten free, lactose free food, but I'm still not sure what exactly that is going to entail. I'll have to make do with what they give me for lunch and we will be doing team dinners out every night so I really just needed to worry about bringing snacks and something to eat when I first wake up. Here's what I packed: 

Almond Milk (the kind you don't have to refrigerate)
Fruit for breakfast
Pre measured oats with cinnamon
Pre measured almonds
Raspberry lemon protein bars
Protein powder
Casein protein powder
Travel size amino energy 
Multi/ Digestive Enzyme/Fish oil/Glutamine 

Basically I'm going to be pretty dependent on protein powder over the next 5 days, which isn't the best scenario but at least I can have shakes between larger meals instead of nothing at all. The reason I didn't prepare items like turkey muffins, or chicken is because I'm going to be on a showroom floor, at a booth from 9am-7pm with no where to store things, especially food. 

As far as working out, I called the MGM to see about their gym situation and they said they only had a cardio room. (Someone on here told me the MGM had a weight room which is why I called to double check... but no luck). I will probably just do plyo type workouts in my hotel room, or use Jamie Eason's playing card workout so that I can still get my body moving. I don't foresee myself using the cardio room, but you never know. 

I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post while I'm gone, but I will try! If I don't talk (type?) with you guys until later this week, remember to train hard and eat clean!! 


  1. do you see a big difference by using those digestive enzyme ?

    1. I do! I highly recommend them if you have tummy troubles!

  2. Way to prep! I still have yet to try casein! I keep seeing yummy puddings that I want to try :)

  3. You should check out Nicole Wilkin's youtube channel she has a video "traveling with food". its great! hope this helps!

  4. Thx for this! I'm gonna be traveling next week! :) How much glutamine do u take??

    1. Usually 2-3 grams in addition to what's in my protein powder after workouts


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