Monday, February 13, 2012

Guest Post: Fit Foodies. Healthy Life.

Hello from Napa! I asked my friend Monika to do a guest post for me while I'm away... she's a law student that still manages to eat clean and she's following Jamie's program too! 

Hi everyone! I'm monika from Fit Foodies. Healthy Life. (previous the Skinny "Faktids") and Britt asked me guest post while she is away on her amazing trip to Napa (slightly jealous!)

Because she's away on a vacation and I know one of her goals for February was to enjoy the trip and not feel guilty if she didn't eat clean the whole time, I though the perfect topic for the post would be 'finding a balance'. 

I am huge on the idea of living a balanced life and not going too far extreme in any direction. That can mean something different for everyone and what I think is balanced will most likely not be what you all think is balanced. That being said, everyone has their own way to balance things in their life and it's important that they find out the best way to do that for themselves. 

It is easy to submerge yourself in something new - like clean eating or working out - and go all out for the first 12 weeks (or however long the initial plan you have is). The challenge comes when the real world happens and you can't keep going like you have been. This could be because of stress, work, school, kids, family, friends, events, whatever. The point is: life will happen. And when it does, you will have to adjust and find a way to keep your healthy new habits you've formed, but still account for life

I do this by making conscious decisions about what I am doing so that I don't feel like I have to do something, or eat a certain way, or go to the gym. I choose to get up early and go to the gym before school instead of going at the end of my day. I choose to eat healthy a majority of the time and sometimes I consciously choose not to. Perfect example: This week we went to dinner at our favorite fancy pants restaurant because we have a friend in town. My most favorite thing to get at this restaurant is alaskan king crab legs (and dip them in melted butter) - they are seriously like heaven in my mouth.  I can tell you right now that anytime we go to that restaurant I am getting those and I am not feeling guilty about it. I'm also probably having a glass of wine - another thing I love. Obviously, I don't do this every day, but when I do, I do NOT make myself feel bad about it. I don't go do extra stuff at the gym to make up for it. I simply enjoy it. 

Because I don't feel guilty when I indulge occasionally, I also don't feel restricted when I eat clean the other 98% of the time. I don't feel like I can't have something because I know I can. I just choose not to. 

Another thing that I think is hard to balance is time. I am a full time law student, working, doing an externship and on law journal. There are a hundred things I should be doing at any given moment but I will not give up my time for me. This includes blogging and the gym. Someone asked me the other day when I was feeling overwhelmed, 'Why don't you just stop blogging?' My immediate response was - NO WAY. It is the only thing keeping me SANE! If I stop working out and taking time to blog - which I genuinely do love - I am not a happy person. I am tired, grumpy, stressed, etc. For me, my balance is making time for these two things when maybe I should be doing something else. In the long run, it's not the end of the world if I don't get straight A's or the laundry doesn't get folded this minute.

So find your balance. Find a way to live the healthy life you want and keep the healthy habits you are working so hard to form. Find a way to account for life and not beat yourself up about it. Find a way to make 'you' time for the things you enjoy. 

Trust me - it will be much easier to keep it up for the long haul if you are enjoying the ride :)



  1. Great post, Monika! Balance is one thing that I think people find a hard time achieving. They dive head first into a new lifestyle and it can cause a lot of stress. It's happened to me before and it takes time to learn what kind of balance works for you. Like you, I indulge when I want to and don't usually feel guilty about it. We work so hard and eating something out of the ordinary shouldn't be stressful!!

    Little b, enjoy your trip AND your wine. Napa doesn't happen every weekend, girl!

  2. That was a great post! I'm a new fan of you both and Have chosen to make clean eating a part of my life. Balancing the eating changes is one thing and my hubby and I are choosing to eat a certain way for ourselves and daughter who has a rare genetic disorder and will always be on a low calorie diet! Yu all inspire me to be the best at everything I do in my life and to leave room for enjoyment! Thank you!

  3. Brittany, do you know what happened to Monika's blog? I really miss it.

  4. Me too ! I hope she's ok she's just disappeared . I got a lot of my motivation from her!! Tell her to come back!!

  5. Has there been any news regarding Monika? I miss her blog!

    1. She removed her blog from the web, but I see her all the time- she's doing great!

  6. Please tell Monika to come back! We miss her and I loved her recipes! She was amazingly motivating!

  7. Come back monica, we miss your recipe : (


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