Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy Steak Dinner

Many of you have been asking about my parents and how they are doing with their new clean eating lifestyle, so I wanted to give a quick update... they're doing great!! My dad is living just fine without his granola bars and even my little sister is trying new foods and liking them, which is a huge, huge deal. I was at their house over the weekend and can honestly say all the food in both the pantry and fridge was clean. My mom came up with a compromise with my little sister so she is eating clean most of the time, while still being a kid which I think is really important. In addition to my family, two of my moms best friends also started eating clean in January and they are both doing amazing too, in fact, one of them has lost 16 pounds! It really goes to show that anyone can do this, you just have to get your bearings and you'll be just fine.

Speaking of getting your bearings one of the important things to do is figure out staple meals that can be your 'go-to' meals if you're short on time. This is definitely one to put on that list because it literally takes less than 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

Boneless Top Round Steak, thin sliced
Tomato, sliced (You can use as many as you would like, I used 4)
1/2 red onion, sliced
Evoo spray
Garlic powder
Spicy brown rice- just brown rice with a chopped jalapeno and the juice of one lime. Thank you to Monika for this idea!

Directions for steak and veggies:
1. Season steak with paprika and pepper on both sides, to taste.
2. Place sliced veggies on a large piece of tinfoil and mist with evoo spray. Add pepper and garlic powder to taste.
3. Place everything on the grill- Since the steak is so thin it really only need about 2-3 minutes on each side. The veggies are done in about 7 minutes.

What are some of your quick and easy go-to meals?


  1. How do you cook your brown rice?

  2. Yum! That rice sounds so good! I just bought jalepenos :)

    Quick meals for me include grilled chicken breast on the George Foreman (bless that machine), quinoa (so quick) and raw veggies (I like a lot of veggies better raw than cooked!).

    So happy your family is sticking with it!! That is seriously awesome!

  3. Seriously obsessed with that rice now :) glad you liked it!

  4. That's healthy but I think I would be hungry after that size serving.


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