Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Clean Eating Kitchen

I think I've mentioned before how supportive my family has been in my switch to clean eating these last 8 months and they probably don't understand just how much I appreciate it. Getting B on board really made this possible for me in the first place, but the encouragement from my family (and some friends) made it so much easier to stick with and really helped me turn clean eating into a lifestyle. This was taken to a whole new level this weekend when my parents decided they were going to completely clean out their kitchen and start new with only clean foods.

I'm at the point now that I realize there are always going to be people who don't appreciate or understand eating clean and I'm totally okay with that. I never have and never will try to force my opinions on anyone, but when my mom came to me asking for help in cleaning up my family's diet I was ecstatic!

We started the day off at a farmers market out by my parents house. It was pretty small but definitely had some great locally grown produce.

The biggest cabbage I've ever seen. 

The teeny tiniest onions ever.

After the farmers market we headed to Whole Foods to do the rest of her shopping. She picked out 3 clean meals to make for the week to get started, so we got those ingredients in addition to all of the basics and the ingredients for protein bars. 

It's definitely worth noting you do not need to shop at a specialty health food store like Whole Foods for all of your groceries. I typically get almost everything from the regular grocery store and pick up a few things like oat flour, almonds and oats in bulk, and almond cheese from Whole Foods. We decided to just get everything there to cut down on the running around. 

And then it began. Here is where we started with the pantry. 

Yes, their pantry is as large as my bathroom... not fair at all! Anyway, as you can see, with a 10 year old living at home who is constantly running around with (many) other 10 year old's, the pantry was full of grab and go packaged foods. Everything from chips to cookies, crackers and baking items. I thought I was going to have to wrestle the granola bars out of my dad's arms but instead I sprinted to the trashcan when I heard him coming downstairs ;) 

Here is the fridge. Nothing too crazy in here; milk, OJ, coffee creamer, butter, cream cheese, salad dressing, whipped cream, and sauces.

Are you ready for the afters?

BAM!! How great is that!? 

I talked to my mom yesterday and she was back at the grocery store. For any of you that have gone through   the clean eating switch over you already know how many grocery store trips are involved. I think I was at the grocery store a few times a week for a few weeks before I actually had all the basics. As you start perusing for recipes you need this spice, or that veggie and well, you get to know the cashier at the grocery store by name. Other than that she said things are going pretty smoothly. My sister has been cooperative in trying new things (which I am very surprised at... limited palate is an understatement) and my dad is surviving without his granola bars. Only issue they are facing is not caring for Almond milk and Truvia in their coffee, and since I'm not really a coffee drinker they would appreciate any tips!

Thank you mom and dad for letting me share this with everyone! I hope that this helps you understand that everyone has to start somewhere, but in my opinion getting all the bad food out of the house is the first and most important step. If we would have left a couple things here and there, it would have defeated the purpose. Not to say you have to be 100% clean or nothing at all, but I do think that this is the best way to set yourself up for success. 


  1. This is so awesome! My parents said they wanted to make the switch as well but they haven't gone as far as to throw all the "bad" things out! I am still trying to convince them because I know they are still eating some things they shouldn't be! I love that you've done this. It's always easier when you have support :)

  2. AWESOME!!! The support is is such a plus when you can find it. For coffee when I started eating clean I found a soy milk creamer by SILK. They make it in both vanilla and hazelnut. They are actually really good. Also Trader Joe's makes a really good soy milk coffee creamer. I know drink my coffee black but at first those were great. Hope that helps!

  3. Little B, this is so great! My suggestion for their coffee is to get the sugar free syrpus by Torani. I believe you can get them at larger health food stores...or order online if needed. If they can handle the almond milk enough with some added sugar free flavored syrups...they may be good to go! :)

  4. How much does it cost to start eating clean, in comparison to buying regular groceries? Is it a lot more expensive? I want to start eating clean, but I'm in college and have $1000 in my budget for 15 weeks of food (approximately $60-65 per week), and since I've never done this before, I don't really know what to expect.

  5. Have them try cinnamon or a tsp of vanilla or chocolate protein powder in their coffee.
    BTW - love the kitchen re-do Britt :)

  6. Thank you for posting this! We have recently made the switch to eating clean at my house and our grocery bill has increased by $200 a month!Its goof to know that it will level out.


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